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Dr. Xinmin An

Dr. Xinmin An

Dr. Xinmin An
Professor, Department of Horticulture
Zhejiang University, China


Dr. Xinmin An is a professor in the Department of Tree Genetics and Breeding, College of Biological Science and Biotechnology, Beijing Forestry University. As well as a research scientist at National Engineering Laboratory at Beijing Forestry University, mainly engaged in tree functional genomics, molecular regulation of reproductive development, tree haploid induction technology, biotechnology including RNAi, Gene editing, Gene-deletor, and so on. To date he has published more than 75 research articles, 5 scientific patents, 13 certificates of new varieties of poplar and 3 certificates of new varieties of Koelreuteria paniculata. He has been on the receiving end of numerous grants and awards.

Research Interest

1. Forest tree functional genomics and biotechnology: Omics, Genome editing, amiRNAi, Gene-deletor, Gene pyramiding, and so on.

2. Genetic Engineering: Genetic modification (anti-insects and fungi, flowering regulation, anthocyanin pathway gene regulation, safe transgenic technology).

3. Haploid technology: Anther induction, Identification of haploid, Polyploidy technology, mutant induction technology.

4. Traditional Tree Breeding: including Populus, Koelreuteria paniculata

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