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Dr. Sudipta Roy

Dr. Sudipta Roy

Dr. Sudipta Roy
Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology
Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, West Bengal, India


Dr. Sudipta Roy joined the Department of Biotechnology of Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyasagar University, India on 2007. He also takes classes in the department of Biochemistry of the same Institute. Prior, he was a full time Guest Lecturer in Microbiology Department of Panskura Banamali College, India. Dr. Roy received his BSc in Microbiology form the same college and obtained his MSc, Microbiology from Vidyasagar University on 2005. After completing M.Phil in Microbillogy from Annamalai University, Sudpta has obtained Doctoral degree in Microbiology on 2016 from Vidyasagar University, India. He is an expert in microbiological research; endophytic microbes, microbial bioactive metabolites, microbial enzymes, process optimization etc. He has published more than ten research articles in various peer reviewed journals and one book chapter. He won the silver medal for being second in his Master degree. He is a dedicated teacher cum researcher in the field of Microbiology.

Research Interest

My research interest is mainly focused on Microorganisms of extreme environment and their industrial applications, industrially important enzymes of bacterial origin, Endophytic microorganisms specially actinomycetes with different bioactivity, Diversity of secondary metabolite genes of microbes and drug resistance.

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