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Dr. Luisetto Mauro

Dr. Luisetto Mauro

Dr. Luisetto Mauro
Public Hospital Pharmacist Manager, Italy


Dr. Mauro Luisetto, obtained his Pharm D in 1995 from the Turin University and worked as European specialist in laboratory medicine. Currently, he works as Public Hospital Pharmacist Manager and is responsible of hospital medicinal gas quality control PC HOSP. He is also the Director of hospital medicinal gases contract implementation. His working filed and rotation is biochemistry, toxicology, blood bank, haematology. microbiology; hospital pharmacy (drugs logistic, galenic, medicinal gas quality controller , radio drugs, rx contrast agents, departmental pharmacist); clinical pathology, antidothes responsible stokes provincial PC, logistic of diagnostic in vitro), responsible for emergency drug hospital stokes.

Research Interest

Management, professional social media, ICT, pathology, clinical biochemistry, toxicology, microbiology, imaging, clinical pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, clinical pharmacology, pharmacoeconomy, new professional social media, biomedical database, EBM, Risk management and several other.


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