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Dr. Esteban Galeano Gomez

Dr. Esteban Galeano Gomez

Dr. Esteban Galeano Gomez
Director of Research and Development Projects
ACSAS Company, Colombia, USA


Dr. Esteban Galeano Gomez carried out his professional studies in the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of the National University of Colombia, where he obtained the title of Forest Engineer. He later completed his doctoral studies in the program "Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plants", at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in agreement with Ohio State University (United States),
receiving the title with the thesis "Characterization of Genes involved in lignin biosynthesis in Tectona grandis ". He also conducted postdoctoral studies with the project "Characterization of master transcription factors in lignin biosynthesis in Tectona grandis: function, interactions and applicability" at the University of Sao Paulo. In addition, he has 10 years' work experience, mainly in research, teaching and management of innovation and development projects. He has also worked as an associate researcher in ARGOS, PROTECA, ARVI PARK and ACSAS companies and in the institutions such as National University of Colombia, “Tecnologico de Antioquia” University, Sao Paulo University and The Ohio State University. At present, it has 10 publications in international indexed journals, two books, 10 international oral presentations, 11 poster presentations, 22 supervised students and 8 journalistic publications. He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. His areas of interest are Plant Molecular Genetics and Transcriptomics, Plant Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Plant Physiology, Plant Propagation, Plant Biotechnology and In Vitro Plant Tissue Culture.

Research Interest

Plant Molecular Biology, Transcriptomics, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Transformation, Functional Genomics.

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