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Dr. E.Selvarajan

Dr. E.Selvarajan

Dr. E.Selvarajan
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetic Engineering
SRM University, India


Dr. E.Selvarajan is Research Assistant Professor in SRM University.He is a self motivated, enthusiastic individual looking for an opportunity in an Academic sector and in thirst to apply his academic skills in a practical work environment to prove himself in the field he is affianced with.His technical skills include: 1. AKTA PRIME PLUS, AKTA PILOT, AKTA PROCESS, HPLC (SHIMADZU). 2.Column Packing and Protein purification by Chromatographic techniques (IEC, GFC, HIC, AC).  3. Tangential Flow Filtration (Millipore, Sartorius) and its optimization. 4. Microbial Fermentor (5L, 40 L) and scale up, Fermentation growth kinetics. 5. IEF and SDS Electrophoresis (BIO-RAD). 6. Integrity testing of liquid and gas filters, Sterilization and cleaning in place (FSIP, ESIP) with valve matrix and P & ID’s, validation. 7. Cryopreservation, monolayer culture and microcarriers, Karyotyping, MTT Assay, Suspension culture and scale-up. 8. Aspen tech V7.1 (Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS) 9. MATLAB (Basics) 10. FTIR

Research Interest

1. Biocatalysis and Enzymology

2. Bioprocess and Fermentation Technology

3. Chromatographic Bioseparation Processes

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