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Da Yong Lu

Da Yong Lu

Da Yong Lu
Associate Professor
Shanghai University, School of Life Sciences, China


Lu Da-Yong is a professor at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2005. Undergo the studies of cancer pathology, biochemistry pharmacology and clinical therapeutics from 1982 and some hypotheses in AIDS and neural science in 2007. More than 20 scientific articles have been published in international journals.

Research Interest

My research interest of genomic study is in 3 disciplines:
Individualized cancer chemotherapy by drug sensitivity tests and biomarker-orientated monotherapy and chemotherapy.
Suicidal ideations of antidepressants, pharmacogenomics or genomics study of antidepressants in different patients and suicidal outcomes.
Eradicative treatments of AIDS.
Genomics study of pathogenesis of HIV in patients-a proposed strategy for eradicating HIV threat in patients.


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