Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine

ISSN: 1948-593X

Open Access

Chibao Huang

Chibao Huang

Chibao Huang
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College
Zunyi Normal University, Zunyi, China


Chibao Huang is a professor in a Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, Zunyi Normal University, Zunyi ,Guizhou, China. Chibao Huang received his PhD in 2007 in Department of Applied Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology. He is pursuing teaching and scientific study in Shaoguan University. In 1998 September to 2001 June in Guangdong University of Technology in Applied Chemistry major and received a master's degree in engineering, in 2001 July taught at the Shaoguan University. in 2004 March to 2008 May in Dalian University of Technology School of engineering and Applied Chemistry for ph.d.. 2010 January to 2011 December in Xiangtan University chemical flow station for postdoctoral research workï¼Å’since 2014 January have taught in Zunyi Normal University. His research fields focus on the design and synthesis of two-photon fluorescent dyes & sensors for biological molecules and ionic species. As the first author published 40 papers, SCI included 18 article, EI included 1 article, presided over the completion of a number of research projects, applied for 7 patents, published 1 Monographs.

Research Interest

Design and Synthesis of two-photon fluorescent dyes & sensors for biological molecules and ionic species


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