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Barbara Maino

Barbara Maino

Barbara Maino
National Research Council, Researcher, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Italy


Dr. Barbara Maino, born in Catania, obtained the second cycle degree of Health Biology in 2012 at the University of Catania. As internship at the Functional Genomics Center (Catania, Italy), she has been involved in studying transcriptional program of apoptotic cerebellar granule neurons following rescue by gastric inhibitory polypeptide. She has, presently, a fellowship at the Institute of Neurological Sciences, Italian National Research Council and her research interests are focused on programmed cell death in order to increase knowledge on intriguing molecular mechanisms governing neurological diseases, as well as to contribute to the exploitation of potential pharmacological targets.

Research Interest

Apoptosis and Survival mechanisms mediated by neuurotrophic factors
System biology
Pathway and Network analysis

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