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Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino

Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino

Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Lusophone University Humanities and Technologies, Portugal


Total of 29 publications: 27 ISI publications and 2 in journals with referee; published varous abstarcts in ISI journals, 

Reviewer for various ISI journals:

Emergency Medicine, SM Journal of Clinical Medicine , Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology , -Journal of Clinical Case Reports .

Research Interest

a) chemical induction of tumours in laboratory animals (mammary gland and urinary bladder) and the evaluation of different treatments (anti-inflammatory drugs and physical exercise) on tumors' development.

b) study of the tumor angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis.

c) assessment of mammary tumors vascularization by ultrasonography.

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