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Ahmed M Youssef

Ahmed M Youssef

Ahmed M Youssef
Assistant Professor, Department of Packing and Packaging materials
Ain Shams University, Egypt


Dr. Ahmed M. Youssef has completed his Ph.D at the age of 29 years from Ain Shams University; he got the Ford Foundation Scholarship for PhD. He had postdoctoral studies in Arkansas University, USA. He has many scientific missions to different countries (e. g, USA, France, Hungary, and China). He is working as assistant Professor at Packing and Packaging materials Department, National research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. He has more than 35 papers in reputed journals with 8 H-Index and 187 citations on Scopus site this paper about preparation and characterization of polymer nanocomposites that used for different application (e. g. packaging water treatment anticancer solar cell) and contributing as an Organizing Committee Member of several International Conferences, he also contribute as Editorial of Board Member in Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology(JESET), Journal of Composites & Biodegradable Polymers (JCBP) and Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science (JRUPS). He contributed in 7 international projects and around 7 local projects. Also, he attends many international conferences in (England, Czech Republic, and South Africa) and he attends many workshops.

Research Interest

Preparation and Characterization of Polymer Clay nanocomposites and its Applications in Water Treatment, Anticancer and Packaging Applications. Preparation and Characterization of Conducting Polymer with Nanomaterials, nanofiber and use it for DSSCs
Preparation of novel Paper Composites for different Applications.
Preparation of nanomaterials such as (Au, Ag, Mn, FeO, ZnO and TiO2), nanoparticles, nanowires, nanofiber, nanorods and Zn/Al, Mg/Al and Mn/Al DLHs.
Treatment of clays.

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