Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review

ISSN: 2223-5833

Open Access

Abdel Razaq Al Farah

Abdel Razaq Al Farah

Abdel Razaq Al Farah
Assistant Professor of Accounting,
Al-Balqa` Applied University, Jordan


Dr. Abdel Razaq Al Farah is an outstanding lecturer, scholar, trainer and consultant in the area of Accounting. He lived, worked and was educated in Australia. He has over 6 years of teaching, research, and over 8 years of business consultancy, and work experience. Previously, he taught in Jordan at Al-Balqa’ Applied University, the University of Jordan, the German- Jordanian University, and the World Islamic Sciences and Education University- (Amman-Jordan). He worked at the Amman Stock Exchange (Previously the Amman Financial Market) for almost eight years at different departments such as internal auditing, research and international relations, financial department, and surveillance department. He also taught in Saudi Arabia- Al Riyadh at Al Yamama University, Dar Al uloom university, the Arab Open University.Currently He is an assistant professor of accounting at Al Balqa’ Applied University in Jordan.

Research Interest

Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Audit Expectation Gap, Voluntary Disclosure, Accounting Disclosure and Audit Technology


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