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Whither Commercial Nanobiosensors?

On the Effect of Substrate Compliance on Cellular Motility

Discerning Data Analysis Methods to Clarify Agonistic/Antagonistic Actions on the Ion Flux Assay of Ligand-Gated Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor on Engineered Post-Synapse Model Cells

Using Nano-Arrayed Structures in Sol-Gel Derived Mn2+ Doped Tio2 for High Sensitivity Urea Biosensor

Fiber Optic Biosensor for the Detection of Cd in Milk

Bio Signal Conditioning and Processing For Biological Real Time Applications Using Mixed Signal Processor

Modeling a Micro Tubule as a Diode

Is There a General Motor Program for Right Versus Left Hand Throwing in Children?

Development of Label-Free Impedimetric hCG-Immunosensor Using Screen-Printed Electrode

Development of an Amperometric Biosensor Based on Peroxidases from Brassica napus for the Determination of Ochratoxin a Content in Peanut Samples

Photoacoustic Imaging: An Emerging Optical Modality in Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine

Structural Characterization and Biocompatible Applications of Graphene Nanosheets for Miniaturization of Potentiometric Cholesterol Biosensor

L-Ascorbic Acid Biosensor Based on Immobilized Enzyme on ZnO Nanorods

Management of Ductal Carcinoma In situ

A Fluorescence Molecular Tomography In-vivo Imaging System for Macro/Meso-Scale Subjects

Assessment and Validation of a Methodology for Measuring Anatomical Kinematics of Restrained Occupants During Motor Vehicle Collisions

Sequential Combination of Serum Pyruvate Kinase Isoenzyme M2 and Colonoscopy-A Promising Screening Protocol for Colorectal Cancer Early Diagnosis

Coding by Different Diameter Impedance, Detection Method of Microspheres Which are Used to Produce Liquid Biochip

Polyaniline-CdS Quantum Dots Composite for Mediator Free Biosensing

Comparison of Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensors with Taqman- Based Quantitative Real-Time PCR for the Detection of Salmonella typhimurium Directly Grown on Tomato Surfaces

Needle-Type Glucose Sensor Based on Functionalized Graphene

Sensitive Detection of TNT using Competition Assay on Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Glucose Oxidase Modified Electrodes of Polyaniline and Poly (aniline-co- 2-anilinoethanol) as a Biosensor: A Comparative Study

Biomolecular Mimic Circuit for an Allosterically Regulated Enzyme of Pyrimidine Biosynthetic Pathway

The Photoacoustic Spectral Reconstruction Method

Biosensors Applied to the Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases, A Multidisciplinary Domain?

Biosensors as Implantable Medical Devices for Personalized Medicine

Interfacing Biology with Nanoelectronics

Cerebral Microdialysis: A Metabolic Sensor Inside the Closed Box

A Quantum Leap In Diagnostic And Analytical Science: Next Generation Sensing Devices Targeted On Distant Cell-To-Cell Communication

Biosensor Implementation In Haemodialysis Monitors To Improve Treatment Quality

Nanostructured ZnO For Electrochemical Biosensors

Developments And Perspectives In The Field Of Sers Based Biosensors

Effect of Cell Density on Reproducibility in a Cell-Based Biosensor Using a Microwell Array

Improvement of Biomolecule Immobilization on Polystyrene Surface by Increasing Surface Roughness

Molecular Filter On-Chip Design

Bioelectrical Impedance as a Diagnostic Factor in the Clinical Practice and Prognostic Factor for Survival in Cancer Patients: Prediction, Accuracy and Reliability

Development of Nanoprobe for the Determination of Blood Cholesterol

Recent Advances in Biosensors and Biosensing Protocols

Fluorescent Biosensors - Promises for Personalized Medicine

Real-time In-situ Detection of Microbes

Development of an Antibody Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Biosensor for Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens

Direct Fluorescent Decay Measurements Using High Speed Electronics

Applying the Difference Term Approach for Low Frequency Biomedical Filter

Simulation and Optimization of Microcantilever Biosensors

Vertically Aligned Pd Nanowires for Glucose Oxidase Bioanode

Recent Techniques for the Detection of β-Thalassemia: A Review

Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Based Immuno-Sensing System for Detection of Fungal Teliospores of Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica), a Quarantined Disease of Wheat

Mobile Automatic Detection System for Bacillus anthracis using Electrochemical DNA Chip

Real Time Implementation of Detection of Bacteria in Microscopic Images Using System Generator

Detection of DNA Damage Response Caused by Different Forms of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles using Sensor Cells

Bioconjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Rapid Capture of Gram-positive Bacteria

Storing and Harvesting Atoms/Molecules On-Chip: Challenges and Applications

Time-Resolved Luminescence Detection and Imaging Promises a Bright Future

Micellar Effects of Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride on Antioxidant Capacity,Voltammetric Response of Serum and Saliva Samples

Nucleic-Acid Based Lateral Flow Strip Biosensor via Competitive Binding for Possible Dengue Detection

Novel Electrical Method for the Rapid Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Assay of Bactericidal/Bacteriostatic Activity

Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensors Based on Horseradish Peroxidase and Hemoglobin

Analytical Modeling of Bilayer Graphene Based Biosensor

Computational Simulations: Alternative Solution in Sensing and Monitoring of Biomaterials

Quantifying Reduced Glutathione by Square-wave Voltammetry

Chemical Sensors and Microfluidics

Simultaneous Imaging of Total Cerebral Hemoglobin Concentration, Oxygenation, and Blood Flow During Functional Activation

The Complete Biosensor

Tissue Culture with 3D Monitoring by Distributed Ring Circuits

Nanoparticles Effects on Performance of Horseradish Peroxidase Biosensor

Surface Acoustic Wave Actuated Lab-on-Chip System for Single Cell Analysis

Mycotoxins Quantification in the Food System: Is there Any Contribution from Electrochemical Biosensors?

Model-Based Quantification of Blood Flow Rate and Oxygen Consumption Rate of Biological Tissues Using Image-Guided Near Infrared Light Spectroscopy

Microfluidic Single Mammalian Cell Lysis in Picolitre Droplets

Continuous Real-time Detection of Microbial Contamination in Water using Intrinsic Fluorescence

Biomarkers for Brain Disorders Electrochemically Detected By BRODERICK PROBE Microelectrodes/Biosensors

The Development of a Label-Free Electrochemical Impedance Based Pointof-care Technology for Multimarker Detection

Rapid Evaluation of Salmonella pullorum Contamination in Chicken Based on a Portable Amperometric Sensor

Multicolor Solitons for Biosensors

Immunosensor Characterization Using Impedance Spectroscopy

Electron Work Function–An Effective Parameter for In-situ Reflection of Electron Activities in Various Processes

Blood Coagulation Thromboplastine Time Measurements on a Nanoparticle Coated Quartz Crystal Microbalance Biosensor in Excellent Agreement with Standard Clinical Methods

In-Flow DNA Extraction Using on-Chip Microfluidic Amino-Coated Silicon Micropillar Array Filter

Evaluation of Real-Time Water Quality Sensors for the Detection of Intentional Bacterial Spore Contamination of Potable Water

Validation of SOS-lux Microbial Biosensors for Mutagenicity Assessment: Mitomycin-C as a Model Compound

Graphene Oxide based Label Free Ultrasensitive Immunosensor for Lung Cancer Biomarker, hTERT

Brain Signal Monitoring and Encoding for Humanoid Robots Use

AgNPs-based Label-Free Colloidal SERS Nanosensor for the Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Stress-Proteins Expressed in Response to Environmental-Toxins

Effects of Toll-like Receptors 3 and 4 Induced by Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in DNA Damage-Detecting Sensor Cells

Investigation of the Toxicity of Amine-coated, Carboxyl-coated and Polyaniline-coated FeO Magnetic Nanoparticles in Caenorhabditis elegans

Midland Blotting: A Rapid, Semi-Quantitative Method for Biosensor Surface Characterization

Artificial Vision Model by Small Scale Conjugate Mirrors

THz Rabi Frequency Oscillation for Human Consciousness/Subconsciousness Detection Probe se

Micro-Cloud Computing System by Human Quantum Computer

Recent Advances in Optical Molecular Imaging and Sensing

Testing the Effects of Micro-Pulse Stimulation on Blood Circulation Using the Thermodynamic Sensors

Efficient Direct Electron Transfer for a Highly Oriented PQQ-GDH Immobilized Electrode for Bioanode

Human Ad Hoc Networks using Telepathic Connections

Surface Regeneration of Gold-Coated Chip for Highly-Reproducible Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunoassays

A Rapid and Sensitive Early Diagnosis of Influenza Virus Subtype via Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Reflection Coefficient S11 Related Measurement System for Label-Free Cell Seeding Analysis and Drug Testing in a Three-Dimensional (3D) Cell Culture Model

Bio-Electrochemical Sensor for Fast Analysis of Assimilable Organic Carbon in Seawater

Graphene Dual Properties, Mobility and Polarisibility: The Challenge

Single Eye 3D Imaging Perception Model

Chemically Modified Carbon Sensors Mixed or Single for the Determination of Cardiovascular Drug Nafronyl Oxalate in Bulk, Praxilene and Human Fluids

Chemically Modified Electrodes in Biosensing

New Concept for Correction of Brachymetatarsy by 3D CT-Scan Measurement

Characterization of Carboxylated-SWCNT Based Potentiometric DNA Sensors by Electrochemical Technique and Comparison with Potentiometric Performance

Real-Time Monitoring of Aptamer Functionalization and Detection of Ara H1 by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Dissipation-Mode Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Drug Delivery Targeting Security by Optical Capsule Switching Control

Drug Delivery System Model using Optical Tweezer Spin Control

Characterization of Urea Biosensor Based on the Immobilization of Bacteria Proteus Mirabilis in Interaction with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Gold Electrode

Miniaturized Sensing Devices for Biomarker Detection

Next Effort in Cholinesterases Biosensors

Filamentous Phages Displaying Multivalent Peptide Motives With Specific Affinity To Anodic Alumina Surfaces

Particle and Molecule Electronics using Micro-optical Circuits: The Future Challenges

Application of Thin Metal Oxide Films in Acoustic Wave Chemical Sensors

Electrochemical Sensing of Ascorbic Acid on ZnO-decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrode

New Methodology for Monitoring of Bone Fracture Healing

Spintronic Device for Brain Researches and Investigations

Recent Trends in Dielectrophoretic Applications towards Medical Diagnostics

Programmable Bio-Nano-Chip System: A Flexible Diagnostic Platform that Learns

Controlled Fabrication of Highly Monodispersed, Gold Nanoparticles Grafted Polyaniline ([email protected]) Nanospheres and their Efficient Ammonia Gas Sensing Properties

High Throughput Optical Biosensor for Monitoring Pb (II) Ions in Milk through Fluorescence based Microarray Approach

Original Covalent Approach for Gold Nanorods Immobilization onto Acid-Terminated-Cysteamine Self-Assembled Monolayers for FT-SPR Biosensor Applications

Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine in Presence of Serotonin and Ascorbic acid at Tetraoctyl ammonium bromide Modified Carbon Paste Electrode: A Voltammetric Study

Genotoxicity: Modern Instrumental Approaches for its Control in Environmental Objects

Application of Artificial Neural Network for Modeling and Prediction of MTT Assay on Human Lung Epithelial Cancer Cell Lines

Electrochemical-Nucleic Acid Detection with Enhanced Specificity and Sensitivity

Spectral Interrogation based SPR Sensor for Blood Glucose Detection with Improved Sensitivity and Stability

EDC-Mediated Oligonucleotide Immobilization on a Long Period Grating Optical Biosensor

Wearable Diagnostics – A Brief Outlook, Prospects and Future

Generalized Electronic Devices and Circuits

Novel Single Gold Nanowire-based Electrochemical Immunosensor for Rapid Detection of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Antibodies in Serum

Rodent and Human Trials of the Testosterone Modulating Experimental Nutraceutical Taxadrol

A Modified Carbon Paste Sensor for Determination of Zn in Vitamin and Waste Water using Thiosemicarbazide and Acetaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone Complexes

Electrochemical Chelation of Lead by NDA Modified Carbon Paste Electrode

Ball Lens Based Common Path Fiber Optic Interferometer Sensor

Multi-Criteria Optimisation Problems for Chemical Engineering Systems and Algorithms for their Solution Based on Fuzzy Mathematical Methods

Nano-spin Wave Laser: The Next Generation

Ways for the Control of the Total Toxicity of Environmental Objects and their Instrumental Providing

Eye Ball Movement to Control Computer Screen

Bioengineering System for Prediction and Early Prenosological Diagnostics of Stomach Diseases based on Energy Characteristics of Bioactive Points with Fuzzy Logic

BSA Adsorption and Immobilization onto Charged Monodisperse Polymer Nanoparticles

Application of MOOSY32 eNose to Assess the Effects of Some Post Harvest Treatments on the Quality of Salustiana Orange Juice

Fabrication of Liquid Molds using Drop-on-demand Printing Technology for Bio-Pdms Mirofluidic Devices

Entrainment of Cellular Circadian Rhythms in Lactuca sativa L. Leaf by Spatially Controlled Illuminations

Improved Creatine Stability and pH Profile for Kre-Alkalyn

A Comparison between Windowing FIR Filters for Extracting the EEG Components

Noninvasive Uric acid Monitoring Device using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

A Biosensing Approach for Detecting and Managing Head Injuries in American Football

Metal Oxide Nanoparticles/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Modified Electrode for the Detection of Dopamine: Comparative Electrochemical Study

Gas Sensitivity and Morphologically Characterized of Nanostructure CdO Doped In2O3 Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Detection of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 with an Enzyme modified Electrode

Sensing and Degradation of Chlorpyrifos by using Environmental Friendly Nano Materials

Nano-materials for Gene Therapy: An Efficient Way in Overcoming Challenges of Gene Delivery

Polymer Fiber Optic Sensors A Mini Review of their Synthesis and Applications

Electrochemical Biosensor for the Immediate Detection of Bacteria

Poly (Patton and Reeders) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode Sensor for Folic Acid

Dendrimer Dipole Excitation: A New Mechanism for Terahertz Generation

Role of Biosensing Technology for NeuroAIDS Management

Generalized Spiritual and Brain Signal Analogy and Manipulation

How a Single Cell Sense its Mechanical Environment?

A Review on Techniques for Diagnosing and Monitoring Patients with Parkinsons Disease

A Natural Phosphate Electrode Modified with Antibiotic for the Detection of Bacteria

Quantifying Skin Stretch induced Motion Artifact from an Electrocardiogram signal-A Pilot Study

Detection Backscatter Value of Mangrove Crab (Scylla Sp.) Using Cruzpro Fishfinder Pcff-80 Hydroacoustic Instrument

Parametric Electrical Modelling of Human Forearm Simulation Response Using Multi-Frequency Electrical Bioimpedance

Bioacoustic: Percentage Click Sound of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus) in Captivity, Indonesia

Signal Processing: Passive Acoustic in Fisheries and Marine Mammals

Performance of Arrayed Microring Resonator Sensors with the TriPleX Platform

Detection, Segmentation and Recognition of Face and its Features Using Neural Network

In Situ Tissue Imaging and Monitoring Technique using WGM Probes

Echo Processing and Identifying Surface and Bottom Layer with Simrad Ek/Ey 500

Survival Analysis of Under-Five Mortality of Children and its Associated Risk Factors in Ethiopia

Non-Invasively Detecting Blood Vessels during Laparoscopic/Robotic Procedure

Contradiction between FitzGerald-Lorentz Length Contraction and Time Dilation: A GPS-Compatible Lorentz Transformation

The Love of Inventing, from Veblen to Amabile: A Look at the Construct “Inventor/Innovator” from the Era of Edison to Today’s Corporate R&D Scientist

Poly(alcian blue) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode for the Determination of Catechol in Presence of Hydroquinone: A Voltammetric Study

Using Health Information Technology to Enhance a Culture of Safety

Improving Healthcare Quality with Evidence-Based Medicine

Cloud Computing and Healthcare Services

Biosensors in Applications

Molecular RFID System Design Using a Micro-ring Transceiver

Terahertz Sub-Nanometer Sub-Surface Imaging of 2D Materials

Modeling, Simulation of 3D Label Free Nano Amperometric Biosensor for Early Diagnosis of Cancerous Cells with Sustainable Interfacial Coefficients

The Quality of Automotive Industry: The Remote Monitoring Complex of the Quality of Enterprises Activity of Company Car Service System

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) as a Tool for Pathogen Detection

Synergy of Thin Film Coated Microstructures in the Field of Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Jackfruit Membrane as New Biomaterials for Bio-Catalytic Application in Detection of Urea

Determination of the Concentration of Polyamines with SPR-based Immune Biosensor for Early Diagnostics of Breast Cancer

Design of Size-Tunable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Selective Adsorption of Pharmaceuticals and Biomolecules

Electrochemical Sensor for the Determination of Adrenaline in Presence of Acetaminophen at Poly (Alanine) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode: A Cyclic Voltammetric Study

Bioelectrochemical Systems for Clean Environment

Blood Cancer Detection using Nano Amperometric Biosensor with Fluid Mechanics and Kinematic Variables

Terahertz Spectroscopic Analysis and Multispectral Imaging of Epitaxially Grown Semiconductors with Nanometer Resolution

Self-Gravitating Stability of a Fluid Cylinder Embedded in a Bounded Liquid, Pervaded by Magnetic Field, for all Symmetric and Asymmetric Perturbation Modes

Biosensors: Their Fundamentals, Designs, Types and Most Recent Impactful Applications: A Review

A Comparative Analysis of Augmented Reality Technologies and their Marketability in the Consumer Electronics Segment

Electrochemical Evaluation of the Antioxidant Capacity of Phenolic Compounds in Virgin Olive Oil

Design and Simulation of Capacitive Type Comb-Drive Accelerometer To Detect Heart Beat Frequency

Organic Sensor for the Detection of Ammonium

Bio-Machining: Efficient Machining of Smart Micro-device in Health Monitoring and Prognosis

Role of Bioelectronics in the Quest of Inhabiting other Planets

Writing Research Paper: Top Tips and Tricks!

Face Gesture Pattern Recognition using Muscle Distributed Sensor for Face off Recovery

Evidence from Impedance Spectroscopy that Elevated Dopamine Reduces Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

Flow Cytometry Analysis of Pro- and Anti-inflammatory Cytokines in Alzheimer's Disease Model Treated with Ginkgo biloba

Matlab Simulation for Generation and Performance Analysis of Gold Codes in CDMA

Electrochemical Studies of Paracetamoland Folic Acid in the Presence of Epinephrineat Poly (Eosin) Modified Electrode: A Voltammetric Study

10 Steps to Organize Research Paper

Modified Tin Oxide Based Bioelectrode for Reagentless Detection of Uric Acid

Fragmentation of Surface Adsorbed and Aligned DNA Molecules using Soft Lithography for Next-Generation Sequencing

Research Gaps and Opportunities in Sensor-Based Medical Exploration Capabilities in Extravehicular Astronaut Suits

EEG-Based Analysis for Learning through Virtual Reality Environment

Mathematical Model for Laboratory System of Bioluminescent Whole-Cell Biosensor with Optical Element

Photonic Crystal Fibers for Sensing Applications

EEG - Controlled Wheelchair Movement: Using Wireless Network

Current Developments and Potential Applications of Biosensor Technology

Real Medical Data Processing and Prediction of Early Disease Using Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and R Programming Techniques

Non-Contact, Real-Time Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection and Monitoring of Microbial Contaminants on Solid Surfaces Before, During and After Decontamination

Design and Development of ECG Simulator and Microcontroller Based Displayer

Photonic Crystals for Malaria Detection

Wireless Charging of Implantable Pacemaker’s Battery

Electrochemical Behavior of Bisphenol-A at Tolbutamide Modified Carbon Paste Electrode: A Voltammetric Study

Reversible Inhibitor Biosensor Systems in Dynamic Mode

Optimization Design and Development of Sensing Coil and Analog Signal Conditioning Electronics for Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor

Evolution Continues with Quantum Biology and Artificial Intelligence

Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Enzymes and Nanoparticles onto Cellulose Support

A New Tool for the Detection of Horsemeat Adulteration in Raw Meat

Microfluidics Devices Manufacturing and Biomedical Applications

BioFET-based Integrated Platform for Accurate and Rapid Detection of E.coli Bacteria: A Review

MEMS Devices Used in Agriculture - A Review

Electrochemical Studies and Antioxidant Activity of Heterocyclic Nitrate Systems

Biosensor: An Emerging Analytical Tool

A Novel Electrochemical Sensor for Determination of Salbutamol Based on Graphene Oxide/Poly (O-nitrobenzoic acid) Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode and its Analytical Application in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Human Urine

Development of a Low-Cost Thermal Heater-Cooler Blocks Using Locally Recycled Waste

Editorial Highlights for Biosensors & Bioelectronics

Microwaving a Biological Cell Alive â?? Label-free Noninvasive Cell Characterization by Broadband Impedance Spectroscopy

Microscale surface reconstruction by structure from motion for biological applications

Development of amperometric multi-enzyme biosensor to evaluate the adulteration in Virgin coconut oil (VCO)

Highly sensitive smart biosensor based on the surface plasmon resonance (SPR)

The role of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the construction of nonenzymatic glucose biosensors

FRET-based biosensors

A capacitive touchscreen biosensor for label-free detection of electrolyte concentrations

Comparison of urinary hormone measurements between novel giant magnetoresistive (GMR) biosensor and conventional enzyme immunoassay (EIA)

D Detect: Development of µTAS vitamin D detection technique

Excited quantum dots coupled with fiber surface plasmon polaritons

Functionalization of gold nanoparticles with amino acid as a promising alternative for L-asparaginase detection

Feasibility of self-monitoring of blood bilirubin levels by dual wavelength approach

Nickel nanoparticles/electrochemically reduced graphene oxide modified electrode� for diclofenac and ethambutol detection

Biosensors: The future is now

Silicon Carbide Biotechnology for Robust Implantable Neural Interfaces

Smart Actuators for Innovative Biomedical Applications

Photodetectors in Analytical Applications

Nano-sphere lithography fabrication of large-area ordered arrays plasmonic nanostructures for high-sensitivity biosensors

Monolithic Integration of Organic Electronic Devices

Biosensor Drug Delivery in Nasal Exteroception System

Rapid Detection of Bacterium in Biosensors and Nanosensors

Design and Implementation of Wireless Detector Networks for Water Quality Observation

Biosensors for Health Applications

Microfluidic Biosensor Supported Engineering

Significant improvements in mining with X-Ray Diffraction, reduce operating costs, greater recovery of the mineral and reduction of the volume of mining waste.

Biosensors and Bioelectronics Advanced Technology

Bioelectronics Applications supported Organic

Array Biosensor for Detection of Pathogens

Biosensors for rapid SARS CoV-2 diagnosis: A review

Nanosensors for medical specialty Applications

Current Technologies of Immunosensors

Wearable chemistry Biosensors in Medical Applications

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