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Estimating Multiple Derivatives Simultaneously: What Is Optimal?

Classification-based Automatic Fingerprint Identification System for Large Distributed Fingerprint Database

Bayesian Corrections of a Selection Bias in Genetics

Modelling Spread of Diseases Using a Survival Analysis Technique

A Comparison of Generalized Additive Models to Other Common Modeling Strategies for Continuous Covariates: Implications for Risk Adjustment

Bias Analysis for The Principal Stratum Direct Effect in The Presence of Confounded Intermediate Variables

Nonparametric Treatment Comparison for Current Status Data

Bayesian Analysis Using Power Priors with Application to Pediatric Quality of Care

Power of Permutation Tests Using Generalized Additive Models with Bivariate Smoothers

Modeling the Log Density Distribution with Orthogonal Polynomials

A Likelihood Ratio Test for Homogeneity in Circular Data

Contrast Variable Potentially Providing a Consistent Interpretation to Effect Sizes

Experimental Validation of a Probabilistic Framework for Microarray Data Analysis

Prior Elicitation in Bayesian Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data

Confidence Intervals Estimation for Survival Function in Log-Logistic Distribution and Proportional Odds Regression Based on Censored Survival Time Data

Exact Waiting Time Survival Function

Meta-Analysis of Quantitative Trait Association and Mapping Studies using Parametric and Non-Parametric Models

Population SAMC vs SAMC: Convergence and Applications to Gene Selection Problems

Characterizing Components in a Mixture Model for Birthweight Distribution

Collecting Health Information: Disease Registry, Product Registry, or Neither ?

Human Identification and Fingerprints: A Review

Heritability Estimation using Regression Models for Correlation

Loss of Rare Recessive Lethal Alleles due to Consanguineous Marriages in Inbred Populations

Generalized Linear Asymmetry Model and Decomposition of Symmetry for Multiway Contingency Tables

Griffing's Methods Comparison for General and Specific Combining Ability in Cucumber

Effect of Demographic Risk Factors on the Change in Cognitive Function in the Presence of Non-Participation and Truncation due to Death

Evaluation of Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Measures Derived from a 2 x 2 Table for an Accuracy of a Diagnostic Test

Bayesian Inference for Sparse VAR(1) Models, with Application to Time Course Microarray Data

A Family-based Association Method for Pedigree Including Half-Sib Data

Sample Size, Precision and Power Calculations: A Unified Approach

Human Earprints: A Review

On the Identification of the Survivor Average Causal Effect

Statistical considerations of length bias for evaluating diagnostic tests in screening studies

Evaluating Measures of Indicators of Diagnostic Test Performance: Fundamental Meanings and Formulars

Dissemination of Missing Data Techniques in Medical, Biomedical and Social Research

On the Tuning Parameter for the Adaptive Bonferroni Procedure under Positive Dependence

Estimation and Comparison of the Weighted Kappa Coefficients of Binary Diagnostic Tests: A Review

Use of Non-Homogeneous Poisson Processes in the Modeling of Hospital over Admissions in Ribeirao Preto and Region, Brazil: An Application to Respiratory Diseases

Statistical and Mathematical Concepts and Principles Applicable to Uncertainty Calculations for the Measurement of In Vivo Bone Lead by 109Cd K X Ray Fluorescence

Recent Advances in Discriminant Analysis for High-dimensional Data Classification

The Use of Receiver Operating Characteristic (Roc) Analysis in the Evaluation of the Performance of Two Binary Diagnostic Tests of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Effects of Bioinoculants on Seedling Growth, Biochemical Changes and Nutrient Uptake of Erythrina Indica L. In Semi Arid Region of Southern India

A Class of Weibull Mixtured Distributions

Nonparametric Diagnostic Test for Conditional Logistic Regression

A Linear Regression Framework for the Receiver Operating Characteristic(ROC) Curve Analysis

Scientific Issues for Assessing Biosimilars in the United States

Creating Decision Trees to Assess Cost-Effectiveness in Clinical Research

Lessons Learned in Dealing with Missing Race Data: An Empirical Investigation

Efficacy of Dual Lung Cancer Screening by Chest X-Ray and Sputum Cytology Using Johns Hopkins Lung Project Data

Consistent Estimation in Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Measurement Error

Automatic Glaucoma Diagnosis with mRMR-based Feature Selection

Relevance of Drainages, Diabetes Mellitus and Nyha Score on Surgical Site Infections after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting during 2000?2010

Spatial Disease Cluster Detection: An Application to Childhood Asthma in Manitoba, Canada

Families or Unrelated: The Evolving Debate in Genetic Association Studies

The Meta-Analysis in Medicine: Tools for Clinical and Experimental Research

Design Considerations for a Two-stage Study with a Continuous Outcome and a Rare Exposure

Biometric Template Security using Dorsal Hand Vein Fuzzy Vault

Dynamic Registration Method with Balancing for Prognostic Factors in Observational Studies

A Within-Subject Normal-Mixture Model with Mixed-Effects for Analyzing Heart Rate Variability

Determining the Probability Distribution and Evaluating Sensitivity and False Positive Rate of a Confounder Detection Method Applied To Logistic Regression

A Robust Method for Fingerprint Recognition using Biometric Fusion

Predicting the Genotype-Phenotype Map of Complex Traits

Over Diagnosis in Screening: Does It Make Sense?

Measures of Association in Epidemiological Studies: How Best to Compare Discrete and Continuous Variables?

Specification of Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Family Data using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods

Statistical Analysis of Case-Control Data of Endometrial Cancer Based on New Asymmetry Models

Locating CpG Islands with Kullback-Leibler Divergence

Adjustment on the Type I Error Rate for a Clinical Trial Monitoring for both Intermediate and Primary Endpoints

Statistical Approaches to Assess the Effects of Disease on Neurocognitive Function Over Time

Parametric Cancer Survival Analysis Based on the Boag Model: A Clinician?s View

A Case-Crossover Design to Examine the Role of Aeroallergens and Respiratory Viruses on Childhood Asthma Exacerbations Requiring Hospitalization: The Mapcah Study

Statistical Analysis of Patient-Specific Pathway Activities via Mixed Models

Analyzing Intracellular flux Distributions of Thermoanaerobacter sp.X514 under Various Substrate Conditions by Gibbs Sampling

Analysis of Sex-Linked Recessive Traits: Optimal Designs for Parameter Estimation and Model Tests

Estimator and Tests for Coefficient of Variation in Uniform Distribution

Revisiting the Concentration Curves and Indices as Useful Tools for Assessing Relative and Attributable Risks

Multi-Modal Biometric Template Security: Fingerprint and Palmprint Based Fuzzy Vault

On Selecting Spatial-Temporal Autologistic Regression Models for Binary Lattice Data

A Simple Method for Sensitivity Analysis of Unmeasured Confounding

Efficient Monte Carlo Resampling of Continuous Data with a Dichotomous Treatment Variable

Estimating Transitional Probabilities with Cross-Sectional Data to Assess Smoking Behavior Progression: A Validation Analysis

A Parametric Survival Model When a Covariate is Subject to Left-Censoring

Modified McNemar Test

A Nonparametric Method for Testing H0 : ?2 = (�?Ž�?±�?¢�?�?�?�?��?Ž�?²)?1 + �?¢�?�?�?�??

Validation of Self-Reported Measures in Health Disparities Research

Causation and Statistical Prediction: Perfect Strangers or Bedfellows?

Accelerated Failure Time Models with Auxiliary Covariates

Integrating P-values for Genetic and Genomic Data Analysis

Genetic Dissection of Complex Traits: From Functional Mapping to Systems Mapping

Functional Data Analysis in Biometrics and Biostatistics

Statistical Challenges and Opportunities in Copy Number Variant Association Studies

Wrapped Generalized Gompertz distribution: an Application to Ornithology

Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of the Survivor Average Causal Effect under the Monotonicity Assumption

Missing Data Methods for Partial Correlations

A Nonparametric Method for Estimating Partial Correlation Coefficient

Intrinsically Ties Adjusted Sign Test by Ranks

Mapping Body Shape Genes through Shape Mapping

Are Markov and semi-Markov Models Flexible Enough for Cognitive Panel Data?

Integrative Analysis of Genome-wide Expression and Methylation Data

Contaminated Chi-Square Modeling and Large-Scale ANOVA Testing

Diagnostic Utility of Gene Expression Profiles

Statistical Methods for Estimating Within-Cluster Effects for Clustered Poisson Data

Advancements in Medical Statistics Promote Economies of Scale

Class Specific Feature Selection for Identity Validation using Dynamic Signatures

Assessing Univariate and Bivariate Spatial Clustering in Modelled Disease Risks

An Extension of Generalized Triphasic Logistic Human Growth Model

Multimodal Biometrics Based on Identification and Verification System

Quantifying and Normalizing Methylation Levels in Illumina Arrays

Estimating the Treatment Effect in the Analysis of Extra-Dispersed Count Response Data from Clinical Trials

Statistical Approaches to Combine Genetic Association Data

Number Needed to Treat for Recurrent Events

Hierarchical Models for Genetic Association Studies

Bayesian Nonparametric Regression and Density Estimation Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations

Model Tumor Pattern and Compare Treatment Effects Using Semiparametric Linear Mixed-Effects Models

Bayesian Methods for High Dimensional Linear Models

The Frequency of C677T Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Polymorphism in Southern East Bosnian Population

Nonparametric Tests for Ordering in Completely Randomized and Randomized Block Mixed Designs

Face Recognition in Uncontrolled Condition: Can Compressive Sen sing and Super-Resolution Meet the Challenge?

Semiparametric Analysis of Longitudinal Zero-inflated Count Dat a with Applications to Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Gene-environment Interaction Studies with Measurement Error Application in the Complex Diseases in the Newfoundland Populat ion: Environment and Genetics Study

Grip Kinetic Profile Variability in Adult Signature Writing

A Frailty-Model-Based Method for Estimating Age-Dependent Penetrance from Family Data

Attributable Risk Function with Clustered Survival Data

The Use of Score Tests for Frailty Variance Components in Recurrent Event Data

Visualizing Transitions between Multiple States–Illustrated by Analysis of Social Transfer Payments

Applications of Mixed Models for Investigating Progression of Chronic Disease in a Longitudinal Dataset of Patient Records from General Practice

Markov Chains and Semi-Markov Models in Time-to-Event Analysis

A Maximum-Type Association Test for Censored Time-to-Event Data

Bias in Estimation of a Mixture of Normal Distributions

Building Cost-efficient Models using BLARS Method

Cubic Spline Regression of J-shaped Dose-Response Curves with Likelihood-based Assignments of Grouped Exposure Levels

Determination of Total Fertility Rate of Bangladesh using Bonga arts Model

The Effect of Linkage Disequilibrium on Bayesian Genome-wide Association Methods

Using Ancestral Information to Inform Analyses of Complex Data Sets

Using Directed Acyclic Graphs for Investigating Causal Paths for Cardiovascular Disease

Posterior Inference for White Hispanic Breast Cancer Survival D ata

A Comment on Sample Size Calculation for Analysis of Covariance in Parallel Arm Studies

Strengthening Interactions between Statisticians and Collaborators: Objectives and Sample Sizes

Estimating a Proportion Based on Group Testing for Correlated Binary Response

Testing of Gender Differences on Sib-Sib Correlations for Binary Traits: Likelihood Based Inference with Application to Arterial Blood Pressures Data

Adaptive Randomization Study Design in Clinical Trials for Psychiatric Disorders

General Multiple Mediation Analysis With an Application to Explore Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Survival

Survival Models on Unobserved Heterogeneity and their Applications in Analyzing Large-scale Survey Data

Score and Wald Tests for Antedependence in Categorical Longitudinal Data

Screening for Differentially Expressed Genes: Are Multilevel Models Helpful?

Spatial Gaussian Markov Random Fields: Modelling, Applications and Efficient Computations

Statistical Analysis of Large Cross-Covariance and Cross-Correlation Matrices Produced by fMRI Images

Statistical Methods for Population-Based Cancer Survival in Registry Data

Doubly Robust Imputation of Incomplete Binary Longitudinal Data

Piecewise Negative Binomial Regression in Analyzing Hypoglycemic Events with Missing Observations

Meta-Analysis of Test Accuracy Studies with Multiple and Missing Thresholds: A Multivariate-Normal Model

Analysis of Multivariate Disease Classification Data in the Presence of Partially Missing Disease Traits

Sample Size Calculation of RNA-sequencing Experiment-A Simulation-Based Approach of TCGA Data

A Joint Modeling Approach for Right Censored High Dimensional Multivariate Longitudinal Data

A New One-Sample Log-Rank Test

A Permutation Test of Genetic Association between Salmonella Isolated On-farm and At-abattoir using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism

Empirical Likelihood Inference on Survival Functions under Proportional Hazards Model

Finding Critical Values to Control Type I Error for a Biomarker Informed Two-Stage Winner Design

Group Sequential Survival Trial Designs Against Historical Controls under the Weibull Model

Improving Outcomes with Bloom's Taxonomy: From Statistics Education to Research Partnerships

Noise Filtering Cancer Mortality Data for a Better Assessment of Health-Environment Relationships: Application to the Picardy Region

Over-diagnosis in Lung Cancer Screening using the MSKC-LCSP Data

Robust Logistic and Probit Methods for Binary and Multinomial Regression

A New Robust Method for Nonlinear Regression

Chaotic Maps for Biometric Template Protection-A Proposal

Using Available Information in the Assessment of Diagnostic Pro tocols

Hypothesis Testing in Normal Admixture Models to Detect Heterogeneous Genetic Signals

Multimodal Biometrics for Robust Fusion Systems using Logic Gat es

Some Flexible Modeling Paradigms for Analyzing Big Data

Joint Generation of Binary and Nonnormal Continuous Data

Sample Size Calculation for the Modified Likelihood Ratio Test in Genetic Linkage Analysis

Mixtures of Self-Modelling Regressions

Nonrigid Image Registration Problem Using Fluid Dynamics and Mutual Information

A Statistical Approach to Correcting Cross Annotations in a Metagenomic Functional Profile Generated by Short Reads

Risk Score Estimation of Diabetic Retinopathy: Statistical Alte rnatives using Multiple Logistic Regression

A New Robust Method for Nonlinear Regression

Systemize the Probabilistic Discrete Event Systems with Moorepenrose Generalized-inverse Matrix Theory for Cross-sectional Behavioral Data

Relative Likelihood Differences to Examine Asymptotic Convergen ce: A Bootstrap Simulation Approach

A Stochastic Segmentation Model for Recurrent Copy Number Alteration Analysis

Comparison of Horvitz and Thompson Estimator with that of Rao, Hartley and Cochran Estimator in PPS without Replacement Scheme

Survival Analysis of Premature Infants Admitted to Neonatal Int ensive Care Unit (NICU) in Northwest Ethiopia using Semi-Parametric Fr ailty Model

A Comparison of Six Methods for Missing Data Imputation

Detection of Thyroid Cancer Clusters in Algeria

Comparison of Dependent Pearson and Spearman Correlation Coefficients with and without Correction for Measurement Error

Count Data Analysis in Randomised Clinical Trials

A Penalized Regression Approach for Integrative Analysis in Gen ome- Wide Association Studies

Alternative Designs for Phase II Clinical Trials when Attained Sample Sizes are Different from Planned Sample Sizes

Quality Control Tool for Screening Titles and Abstracts by seco nd Reviewer: QCTSTAR

A Miscellaneous Note on the Equivalence of Two Poisson Likeliho ods

On Nonparametric Hazard Estimation

Statistical Issues in the Evaluation of Clustering of Metabolic Syndrome in Spousal Pairs

Parallel Computing in Genome-Wide Association Studies

Semiparametric Mixed Models for Medical Monitoring Data: An Overview

Correction of Retransformation Bias in Nonlinear Predictions on Longitudinal Data with Generalized Linear Mixed Models

On Big-Data Analytics in Biomedical Research

Geo-Additive Modelling of Family Size in Nigeria

A Simple Method for Estimating Confidence Intervals for Exposur e Adjusted Incidence Rate and Its Applications to Clinical Trials

Mixed-Effects Regression Splines to Model Myopia Data

Statistical Modeling of MicroRNA Expression with Human Cancers

Effects of Gender and use of Supplements to the Survival Rates for HIV-Positive Patients with Low CD4 Count in Kilifi County, Kenya

Survival Analysis of Time to Recovery from Obstetric Fistula: A Case Study at Yirgalem Hamlin Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia

Adaptive Robust Estimators to Handle Missing Values in Estimati ng Tumor Stage Distributions in Population-Based Cancer Registrati on

Exact Tests for the Weak Causal Null Hypothesis on a Binary Out come in Randomized Trials

An Analysis of Selection Models For Non-ignorable Dropout: An Application to Multi-centre Trial Data

Simulation Study for the Sensitivity and Mean Sojourn Time Spec ific Lead Time in Cancer Screening When Human Lifetime is a Competin g Risk

Piecewise Mixed Effects Model to Compare the Weight-gain Patter ns Before and After Diagnosis of Asthma in Children Younger than 5 Years

A Space-time Permutation Scan Statistic and its Application on Early Detection of Tuberculosis Outbreaks in Iran (2006-2011)

Mass Shock-dosing of Cooling Towers in Response to A Legionella pneumophila Outbreak: Did it Work?

Multilevel Analysis of Acute Respiratory Infection Symptoms amo ng under Five Children in Ethiopia

Ratios and Housekeeper Normalization

Bayesian Logistic Regression Modeling as a Flexible Alternative for Estimating Adjusted Risk Ratios in Studies with Common Outcomes

Predicting Clinical Binary Outcome Using Multivariate Longitudi nal Data: Application to Patients with Newly Diagnosed Primary Open - Angle Glaucoma

The Concepts of Fractal Ellipses and ISO Likelihood Ratio Curve s in Two-dimensional Screening Procedures with Applications in Scree ning for Down Syndrome

Analyzing Multiple Outcomes: Is it Really Worth the use of Multivariate Linear Regression?

Task Scheduling in Parallel Processing: Analysis

Biometric Authentication in Cloud Computing

Structure Prediction of Delta Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase (ALAD); An Enzyme that is Very Sensitive to the Toxic Effects of Lead

A Joint Model for a Longitudinal Pulse Rate and Respiratory Rate of Congestive Heart Failure Patients: at Ayder Referral Hospital of Mekelle University, Tigray, Ethiopia

Using Space - Time Scan Statistics for High-risk Clusters of Tuberculosis (TB) Disease Incidence in Iran, 2009 - 2014

Comparison between Robust and Classical Analysis in Bivariate Logistic for Medical Data

Bayesian Estimation of the Three Key Parameters in CT for the National Lung Screening Trial Data

The Traditional Ordinary Least Squares Estimator under Collinearity

Methods for Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes: An Empirical Comparison

Correction of Verication Bias using Log-linear Models for a Single Binaryscale Diagnostic Tests

Dynamics of Medical Specialties

Christmas Time-some Thoughts on Research and Funding

Some Thoughts on Precision Medicine

Correcting AUC for Measurement Error

A Bayesian Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Disease Progression Model

Properties of Estimators in Exponential Family Settings with Observationbased Stopping Rules

Comparison of Binary Models for the Associated Factors Affecting Recovery Status of Vesico-vaginal Obstetrics Fistula Patients: A Case of Mettu Hamlin Fistula Center, South West Ethiopian

Role of BMS and Infrastructure in Crude Death Rate and Infant Mortality Rate

Combining Prediction Models in a Linear Way: Results of Numeric Simulation

Developing Prediction Models from Results of Regression Analysis: Woodpecker Technique

A Multilevel Modeling Analysis of the Determinants and Cross-regional Variations of HIV Testing in Ethiopia: Ethiopian DHS 2011

Comparison of the Count Regression Models in Evaluation of the Effects of Hazelnut Harvest Season Variations on Pulmonary Aspergillus

Using Mathematical Method to Solve Gene Identification Research

Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials, and Analysis of Correlated Data

Statistical Methods in Precision Medicine: Employing Systems Biology for Cancer Survival Prediction

From Three Fishers: Statistician, Geneticist and Person to Only One Fisher: The Scientist

Quantitative Measurement of Oligodendrogliomas Histologica Features in Predicting the 1p/19q Co-Deletion Status

Biplot Simulation to Determine the Growth Rate of Body Dimension in Local Bali Ducks

A Class of Scale Mixtured Normal Distribution

The Detection of Extremely High and Low Expressed Genes by EGEF Algorithm in Invasive Breast Cancer

A Bayesian Response-adaptive Covariate-adjusted Randomization Design for Clinical Trials

Causal Inference in Randomized Trials: A Shift from the Sharp Causal Null Hypothesis to the Weak Causal Null Hypothesis

A Good Choice of Ridge Parameter with Minimum Mean Squared Error

Linear and Non-Linear Mixed Models in Longitudinal Studies and Complex Survey Data

Clinical Impact: When to Schedule for the Upcoming Screening Exam?

Measurement the Amount of Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and Absorbable Calcium (Ca2+), Iron (II) (Fe2+), Magnesium (Mg2+), Phosphate (PO4) and Zinc (Zn2+) in Apricot Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Spectroscopic Techniques

Effect of Environmental Factors on Obesity: A Quantile Regression Approach

A General Overview of Adaptive Randomization Design for Clinical Trials

Regression Models to Forecast Cupressaceae Pollen Concentration in the City of Granada (SE of Spain) Based on Climatic Variables

Biomarker-Based Clinical Trial Designs in Oncology

On The Use of P-Values in Genome Wide Disease Association Mapping

Ignorance or Negligence: Uncomfortable Truth Regarding Misuse of Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The Use of Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers in Lung Cancer Risk Prediction

Impact of Big Data Analytics on Healthcare and Society

On Selection of Margin in Non-Inferiority Trials

Response-Adaptive Randomization Design for Clinical Trials with Survival Outcomes

Creation of Interpretable Summary Measures in Displaying Results from Mixed-effects Logit Models.

Parameter Estimation Using Divide-and-Conquer Methods for Differential Equation Models

Optimal Group Sequential Designs and Related (In Clinical Trials)

Big Data Science and Its Applications in Health and Medical Research: Challenges and Opportunities

Model Related Instabilities in High Dimensional Linear Models

Nonparametric Estimation on Regression Coefficient and Population Size for Incomplete or Skewed Data

Biomechanical Modeling of Human Body Movement

Opinion on Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials

Statistical Methods in Trials with Sequential Parallel Design for Trials with High Placebo Response

Comparison of MLL Fusion Genes Expression among the Cytogenetics Abnormalities of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Their Clinical Effects

Evaluating Long-Term Outcomes via Computed Tomography in Lung Cancer Screening

Analysis of Gaucher Disease Responsible Genes in Colorectal Adenocarcinoma

New Approximate Bayesian Confidence Intervals for the Shape and the Scale Parameters of the Two Parameter Gamma Distribution

Antimicrobial Resistance of ESBL Producing Coliforms Isolated from Retail Meat Samples

Comprehension Process Overview

A Pass to Variable Selection

A Literature Review of Malaria Intervention in Zanzibar

Impact of Correlation of Predictors on Discrimination of Risk Models in Development and External Populations

Malaria Control and Elimination: How Far we are: An Opinion Article

Performances of Several Univariate Tests of Normality: An Empirical Study

Face Verification Subject to Varying (Age, Ethnicity, and Gender) Demographics Using Deep Learning

Challenges and Innovations in Phase I Dose-Finding Designs for Molecularly Targeted Agents and Cancer Immunotherapies

Meshless Methods: The Future of Computational Biomechanical Simulation

Biological Rhythms, Metabolism and Function in Feathered Dinosaurs; As Determined by Biostatistics

A Note on Reporting P-Value in Medical Research

Intelligence and Early Mastery of the Reading Skill

Fast Computation of Significance Threshold in QTL Mapping of Dynamic Quantitative Traits

Bayesian Regression Analysis of Correlates of Modern Contraceptive Method Usage: A Case Study in Hawassa City, Ethiopia

On the Relation between the Comprehension Ability and the Neocortex Verbal Areas

Relative Biochemical Basis of Susceptibility in Commercial Wheat Varieties against Angoumois Grain Moth, Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) and Construction of its Life Table

Methods for Analysis of Pre-Post Data in Clinical Research: A Comparison of Five Common Methods

Methods for the Analysis of Missing Data in FMRI Studies

Inference and Sample Size Calculations Based on Statistical Tests in a Negative Binomial Distribution for Differential Gene Expression in RNAseq Data

Misconceptions and Perceptions on Breast Cancer Risk in Kilifi South Subcounty

Comparison of the Hemoglobin Amount between Old and Young Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Finding the Upper Confidence Limit for a Binomial Proportion when Zero Successes are Observed

A New Method for Analysis of Biomolecules Using the BSM-SG Atomic Models

Comparisons of Modeling Approaches for Evaluating the Longitudinal Association in a Clustered Healthcare Intervention Study

Cholera, Iron and Mental Illness in Nineteenth-Century Saint John, NB

More on the Robust Solution for Epidemiology: Nineteenth-Century Quebec

Comparison of Methods for Estimating the Proportion of Null Hypotheses π0 in High Dimensional Data When the Test Statistics is Continuous

Comparability of Pharmacodynamics Profiles with an Application to a Biosimilar Study

Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Blood Flow in the System of Coronary Arteries with Stenosis

Bayesian Mixed-effects Polychotomous Response Model with Application to Diverse Population Collaboration (DPC) Data

Changes in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurement Undergraduate Students During Exam Period

Identification of the Risk Factors Associated with Helicobacter pylori Infection in Lahore, Pakistan

New Possible Targetable Genes for Future Treatment of Mixed Lineage Leukemia

A Review on Mixed Models

Response Surface Methodology Approach to the Optimization of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Tuber Yield Using Second-Order Rotatable Design

The Milky Way Comes from Hydrogen Fusion Big Bang

Size and Power Properties of Some Test Statistics for Testing the Population Correlation Coefficient ρ

Quantile Regression Models and Their Applications: A Review

A Short Review of Multimodal Biometric Recognition Systems

Nonparametric Estimation of Quantile and Quantile Density Function

Prevalence of Malnutrition among Children Aged 6-59 in Haramaya District, Oromia, Ethiopia

Analysis of a Predator-Prey Model: A Deterministic and Stochastic Approach

Estimation of Sojourn Time and Transition Probability of Lung Cancer for Smokers using the PLCO Data

Autoradiography: Detection and Analysis of Radioactive Entities

Current Pattern of Product Specific Smokeless Tobacco Use in Bangladesh

Non Clinical Risk Factors of Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis Approach

Principal Component Regression Analysis of Nutrition Factors and Physical Activities with Diabetes

Effects of Vitamin D, K1, and K2 Supplementation on Bone Formation by Osteoblasts In Vitro: A Meta-analysis

Prediction of Outcomes in Victims with Severe Trauma by Statistical Models

Independent Component Analysis and Statistical Modelling for the Identification of Metabolomics Biomarkers in 1H-NMR Spectroscopy

Body Image and Media

Relationship and Prediction of Body Weight from Morphometric Traits in Maefur Goat Population in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Various Biometric Authentication Techniques: A Review

Determination of Association between Duration of Labour and Some Social Status Using Chi-Square Distribution (χ2)

Human and Hummingbird Hemoglobin Concentrations and MetabolicRhythms at Altitude Determined with Statistical Modeling

Statistical Analysis

Geospatial Associations Between Tobacco Retail Outlets and Current Use of Cigarettes and e-Cigarettes among Youths in Texas

Spatial Autocorrelation in Voting Turnout

Audio-Visual Person Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Statistical Inference of Kumaraswamy Distribution under Imprecise Information

Calculation of Flows Intensities Transformations in Acyclic Directed Networks

Tooth Growth in Ancient and Modern Times Inferred from Perikymata Growth Intervals; Modeled Statistically

Estimating Prevalence Rates of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Kilifi County

Dose Finding for Drug Combination in Early Cancer Phase I Trials Using Conditional Continual Reassessment Method

Latent Growth Curve Modeling of Ordinal Scales: A Comparison of Three Strategies

Time Series Analysis on Diabetes Mortality in the United States, 1999- 2015 by Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Filter

A Machine Learning Approach to Designing Guidelines for Acute Aquatic Toxicity

Marketing Policy that Accelerate Tobacco Use in Bangladesh: A Statistical Investigation

Estimating and Testing the Effect of Delayed Marriage on Fertility

Interpolation-Collocation Method of Solution for Solving Poisson Equation

The Poisson Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders Cure Model and Application in Breast Cancer Data

A Brand New Approach to Sets in Mathematics

Empirical Comparison of the Breslow Estimator and the Kalbfleisch Prentice Estimator for Survival Functions

Replacement of Directed Graph by Acyclic Directed Graph and Its Application in Biostatistics

Trends of Tuberculosis in Somaliland’s Young Children after the Conflict and the Role Khat Marfishes Play Its Transmission

The Human Hand and Foot in Evolution and Art: The Effects of Wearing Footwear

Using Statistical Techniques and Replication Samples for Missing Values Imputation with an Application on Metabolomics

Ultra-high Dimensional Variable Screening via Density Weighted Variance

Classical and Robust Forward Selection: A Simulation Study and Real Data Application

Tipping Points: A Statistical Comparison between Humans and Conodonts

Unrestricted Normal Distribution Type Symmetry Model for Square Contingency Tables with Ordered Categories

A Review of Cancelable Biometric Authentication Methods

Power Estimation in Planning Randomized Two-Arm Pre-Post Intervention Trials with Repeated Longitudinal Outcomes

Statistical Analysis of Factors that Affect the Use of Maternal Health Care Services in Gubure Sub-City: SNNP, Ethiopia

The First Statistical Analysis of BUZIM Cancer Types

Predictors of Body Mass Index among Pregnant Women in Nigeria: A Comparison of Ordinary Least Squares Regression and Quantile Regression Models Using Machine Learning Approach

Construction of Sub-Clusters in the Cluster of Graph Representing the Protein Network

Cost-effective Design of Growth Studies with Aggregation and Tracking

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Infertility in a Sample of Iranian Couples

A New Approach to the Definitions and Relations of the Concepts of Mathematics, Eternity, Infinity, Death, Time and the First Point

Taking Advantage of Taguchi Design Method to Optimize Medium Culture Conditions for Producing Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Study on Outlier Detection Method in Survival Analysis: Weibull Regression Outlier Model

Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors Patterning Smokeless Tobacco Use Behavior in Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Multilevel Analysis

Potential Factors Affecting Transfusion Policy and Length of Hospitalization in Patients with Thermal Injury

A Review on Gender Identification Using Machine Learning Technologies based on Fingerprints

Statistical Modeling for the Survival of HIV/AIDS Patients Treated with Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART): A Case Study at Dilchora Hospital, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Deep Learning Methods for Predicting Disease Status Using Genomic Data

Simple Power and Sample Size Estimation for Non-Randomized Longitudinal Difference in Differences Studies

Statistics in Bioarcheology: A Review

Prevalence of Social Isolation and Psychometric Properties of Lubben Social Network Scale among Older Diabetic Patients in Abeokuta, Nigeria

Analysis of Biplot to Identify Marketing of Commodity Results Bali Cattle Livestock in Simantri Badung District, Bali

Comparing the Variability Using Louis' Method and Resampling Methods

Dose Response Relationship from Four-Way Cross Over Trials

Distribution and Risk Factors of Child Malnutrition in Bangladesh based on Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey-2014 Data

Comparisons of Four Discrete Distributions in Count Regressions Using Elders? Missing Teeth Data

Dealing with Methodological Issues in the Functional Data Analysis of Actigraphy Data

Improving the t-SNE Algorithms for Cytometry and Other Technologies: Cen-Se' Mapping

A Statistical Study to Identify the Risk Factors of Heart Attack

Strategies for Optimal Time Management in Biostatistical Practice

The Clinical Significance of Effect Sizes for Survival and Tumor Response Endpoints Using the Empirical Rule Effect Size

Assessment of Basic and Advanced Knowledge in Biostatistics and Clinical Research among Health care Professionals at King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, KSA: A cross-Sectional Survey

Practical Statistical Issues in Evaluation of Average Bioequivalence

The Kumaraswamy-Rani Distribution and Its Applications

Pattern of Quitting Methods Used to Promote Tobacco Cessation in Bangladesh and Its Correlates

Analytical Visual Methods to Describe Practice Patterns in a Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Non-Interventional Disease Registry

Short Prognostic APP for Multiple Myeloma

Sample Size Charts for Spearman and Kendall Coefficients

Editorial : Journal of Biometrics & Biostatistics

Developing and then Confirming a Hypothesis Based on a Chronology of Several Clinical Trials: A Bayesian Application to Pirfenidone Mortality Results

Prospectively Estimating the Age of Initiation of E-Cigarettes among U.S. Youth: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (Path) Study, 2013-2017

Investigating the Male and Older People Susceptibility to Death from (COVID-19) Using Statistical Models

Editor note on Journal of Biometrics & Biostatistics

On The Record Values Property of Muth-Pareto Distribution and other Related Inference

Population Statistics that Contribute to COVID Mortality

Awareness, attitudes study during the outbreak of COVID-19: A cross-sectional survey

Bayesian Sir Modeling in the Case of Undocumented Infectious Individuals of COVID 19

Developing and Confirming a Hypothesis Based on a Chronology of Several Clinical Trials: A Bayesian Application to Pirfenidone Mortality Results

Investigating Male and Older People Susceptibility to Death from (COVID-19) Using Statistical Models

Pattern of Quitting Methods Used to Promote Tobacco Cessation in Bangladesh and Correlates

Prospectively Estimating the Age Initiation of E-Cigarettes among U.S. Youth: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (Path) Study, 2013-2017

Sample Size Charts of Spearman and Kendall Coefficients

Values Property of Muth-Pareto Distribution and other Related Inference

Risk Factors of Statistical Study to Identify the Heart Attack

Dealing with Actigraphy Data & Methodological Issues in the Functional Data Analysis

Four Discrete Distributions in Count Regressions Using Eldersâ?? Missing Teeth Data Comparisons

Response Relationship from Four-Way Cross Over Trials

P-Value in Medical Research A Note on Reporting

Variable Selection A Pass to

Development and External Populations of Predictors on Discrimination of Risk Models in Impact of Correlation

An Opinion Article Malaria Control and Elimination: How Far we are:

Genetic Association Studies Families or Unrelated: The Evolving Debate in

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