Journal of Business & Financial Affairs

ISSN: 2167-0234

Open Access

Twagirayezu Didace

Director of Technical Engineering, Kenya

  • Case Report   
    Project Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Success in Local Government in Rwanda
    Author(s): Rusibana Claude* and Twagirayezu Didace

    Efficiency of road infrastructure projects is essential for the economic growth and development of any country. These projects play a critical role in the economy in terms of wealth creation and provision of employment opportunities. Infrastructure covers a range of services, from public utilities such as power, telecommunications, water supply, sanitation and sewerage, solid waste collection and disposal, and piped gas; to public works such as roads, dams and canal works, railways, urban transport, ports, waterways and airports. Massive investments are put into infrastructure projects. Throughout the world, the business environment within which construction project operate continues to change rapidly for betterment of citizens, projects management are still failing to adapt and respond to the complexity of the new environment tend to experience survival problems. With increasing user.. Read More»

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