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The Phenomena of Social Networking and the Work place

Can Open Access Journals Help Uphold the Value of Research Integrity?

Journal of Business and Financial Affairs: Reasons to be an Open Access Journal

On Financial Markets and Financial Regulation

The Price Drop Puzzle on the Ex-dividend Day

Back to the Future? Rebuilding Sustainable Economies and Communities

International Business and Institutional Change

Inattention in Financial Markets

The RAROC as an Alternative Model of Analyzing the Lebanese Banks’ Performance and Capital Allocation

Value Investing Vs. Modern Portfolio Theory

What Aspects of a Board's Work are Really Important?

Periodic Price Reduction as a Way to Boost Diminishing Demand

Flexible Exchange Rate, Financial Development and Economic Performance in Malaysia: An Econometric Analysis

Economic Globalisation, Growth and the Environment: Testing of Environment Kuznet Curve Hypothesis for Malaysia

Buyouts are Here to Stay

Zone of Tolerance - How to Determine whether it is "Narrow" or "Broad"?

The Sarbanes-Oxley: Research Potential of Similar Regulations in Other Countries

Stress Tests and VaR Analysis in the Process of Risk Management

Open Access Journals are like a Box of Chocolates

Jugaad: A New Innovation Mindset

Gaussian Copula vs Loans Loss Assessment: A Simplified and Easy-To-Use Model

Liquidity Risk on Asset Pricing

The Role of Corporate Boards in the Risk Management Function

Statistical Thinking: From "Small data" to "Big data"

Using Historical Financial Statements to Separate Winning from Losing Value Stocks in Canada: Interlisted Vs. Non-Interlisted Stocks

The Goals of Financial Research in the Twenty-First Century

High-frequency Trading–to Regulate or Not to Regulate-That is the Question? Does Scientific Data Offer an Answer?

Are You Not Entertained? Exploring the Increasing Importance of Entertainment in Developing Relationships with Customers

Economics of Long-Term Business Relationships

Ethics in Employee Selection: What You Want to Know but are Afraid to Ask

Potential Applications of Function Data Analysis in High-frequency Financial Research

Engaging an Age-Diverse Workplace: Revisiting a Business Opportunity and Challenge

The Necessity of Multi-Discipline Risk Management: Transformation of Mindset and Incentive Pay

More Adverts or More eWOM's

Risk and Return

Comprehensive Strategy Analysis for a Leading Firm in the UAE Precision Tooling Industry

A Pleasant Reading of GARCH Model

Money and Output

Managing Longevity Risk: The Need for Financial Literacy and the Role of the Financial Advisor

A Fair Value and Hedge Activities

Are Negative P/E and P/B ratio Firms Different?

The Simple Problem of Financing Universal Health Care

Are Financial Markets Efficient?

Firm Credit Rating as a Measure of Organizational and Financial Performance

Taxation and Regulation of Financial Markets: Working Towards a Hard Fought Equilibrium

Innovation and R&D Activities in China’s Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sectors

A Study of Business Students’ Attitudes in Saudi Arabia: Generation C, Islamic Values, and Westernised Educational Video

A Note on the Interrelation of Volatility Puzzle, Equity Premium Puzzle, and Mean Reversion through State Dependent Preferences

The Regulatory Effect on the Performance of Financial Analysts: Time Series from Two Different Legal Systems

Stock Picking

Employer's Use of Social Networking Sites in Applicant Screening:An Unethical and Potentially Illegal Practice

Global Financial Model for Responsible Research and Development of the Fast Growing Nanotechnology Business

The Impact of Firm-Level Shareholder Protections on Abnormal Returns on Insider Trading

The Influence of the Greek Economic Crisis on FYROM Exports

The Quality Movement in Water Treatment

The Currency Carry Trade Anomaly

Building Bridges: Opportunities and Challenges in Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention

Operational Risk, Fund Performance and Investors Protection: Evidence from China

Home-Bias Investment Measure: Evidence from a Repeated Experiment in Taiwan

Estimating The Credit Quality Of Chemical Companies

The Answer to "What's Wrong at the VA?" Is Staring us in the Face

Comparison of Top-Five India Based IT Services Providers through Dea Approach

Financial Governance in the Nanotechnology Segment: The Brazilian Experience

Process Control, the Bull Whip Effect and the Supply Chain

Inter State Disparities in India: Linkages between Human Development and Economic Indicators

Loyalty, Quality And Satisfaction In FMCG Retail MarketDoes Loyalty In Retailing Exist?

Analysis of Marketing Function, Marketing Efficiency and Spatial Co- Integration of Rohu (Labeo Rohita) Fish in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh

The Failure of Business Forecasting and Analytical Methods

The Determinants of Currency Hedging in Indian IT Firms

Measuring Corporate R&D

Is Volatility Risk? The Bad Influence of Academia to the Discussion

Exploring the Aesthetics of Product on Consumer Buying Behavior in FMCGS

Asset Liquidity Adjusted VaR

Multifractal Detrended Cross-correlation Analysis of Gold and WTI Crude Oil Price Time Series

A Study on Strap Option Combination Strategy

Wining the Talent War via Effective Employee Engagement: A Case Study

Productivity Change in Microfinance Institutions in Sarrc Regio n: A Malmquist Productivity Index Approach

On Financial Regulation, the Financial Crisis and the End of GE Capital

Is CSR a Luxury that SMEs in Africa Cannot Afford?

Behavioral Intention of Taxpayers towards Online Tax Filing in India: An Empirical Investigation

An Analytical Study on Trends and Progress of Indian banking Industry

Discuss Whether Incentive Executive Compensation Poses Governance Issues

The Relevance of Freight Rates in Forecasting Cargo Port Volume : A Study of the Guangzhou, China Port

A Note on the Pricing of American Capped Power Put Option

Islamic Calendar Effect on Market Risk and Return Evidence from Islamic Countries

A Study on Budgetary Control with Special Reference to Coimbatore District Co-Operative Milk Producer’ss Union Limited, Coimbatore

Measuring the Job Satisfaction Level of the Academic Staff

Factors Influencing General Problems Encountered by the First Generation Entrepreneurs in Madurai, Tamilnadu

Role of Assets Holding of the Availing Micro Credit of Women: A Study With Reference to Madurai District of Tamil Nadu

Use of Social Networking Websites as an Emerging Marcom Tool

Evolution of Corporate Governance Practices and Conventional Banks Profitability

Pension Fund Management: The Case of Ethiopian Social Security Agency

Islamic Microfinance in Sudanese Perspective

Audit Tenure, Rotation and Accounting Conservatism: Empirical Evidences from Nigeria

Financial Ratios (Accounting Ratios) and Survival of Microfinance Institutions in Ghana

Reciprocity Based Concept of Nonprofit Marketing

Impact of Macro Variables on Karachi Stock Exchange

An Empirical Analysis to Assess the Impact of Inconsistency of Exchange Rate on Share Market: A Case Study of London Stock Exchange

A Comparative Study of the Public and Private Sector Bank with Special Reference to Punjab National Bank and HDFC Bank

Measuring the Performance of the Kuwaiti Banking Sector Before and After the Recent Financial Crisis

An Empirical Analysis of Liquidity, Profitability and Solvency of Bangladeshi Banks

Universal Health Care Systems: Universal Access or Universal Coverage?

Attitude of the Tourists towards the Availability of Facilities in and around Madurai Region - A Study

Relationship between Spot and Futures Markets of Selected Agricultural Commodities in India: An Efficiency and Causation Analysis

Equity Prices and Real Output: Evidence from a Structural VAR f or the MINT Economies

A Critique of et al. Juan Carlos Moreno- Brids the Washington Consensus: A Latin American Perspective Fifteen Years Later

Performance of Micro Enterprises Run by Women Self Help Groups in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu - A Study

Refugee Protection: In the Perspective of Information Sharing

Explain the Relationship between Personality and Organizational Commitment in the Office Staff of the National Logistics Compan y South Oil

Personality Traits of Micro Enterprises Runs by Women Self Help Groups in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu - A Study

A Study of use and Impact of Market Segmentation Practices on Bank Performance: With Special Reference to Commercial Banks in Colombia

The Role of Internal Audit in Continuous Improvement of Quality Management Systems at Private HE Institutions: A Case Study of Eurasia International University (Armenia)

The impact of Information Technology on Job Related Factors lik e Health and Safety, Job Satisfaction, Performance, Productivity and Work Life Balance

The Impact of Capital Structure on Financial Performance of the Firms: Evidence From Borsa Istanbul

The Impact of Electronic Banking on Customers Satisfaction in Ethiopian Banking Industry (The Case of Customers of Dashen and Wogagen Banks in Gondar City)

Incorporating Ethics into Strategic Management with Regards to Generation Ys View of Ethics

The Simple Long Volatility Trade

Evaluating Performance of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: An Application of Camel Model

The Influences of Macro-Economic Factors on Capital Market Performance in Pakistan

Bankers on Board, Banks as Shareholders and Firms Performance: Case of the Tunisian Listed Companies

The Readiness of Banks in Knowledge Management: A Study of Thre e Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Role of National Culture on the Use of e-Government Services in Sri Lanka

Book Review The Chinese Business Secrets

Book Review Preparation of Financial Records Small and Medium Businesses

Banking Liquidity and Stock Market Prices in ASEAN-3 Economies

Book Review on The Korea Business Secrets

Consumers Perceptual Biasness in Debit Cards of Indian Banks

Accounting Conservatism and Corporate Performance: The Moderating Effect of the Board of Directors

Accounting Conservatism and the Company's Performance: the Moderating Effect of the Ownership Structure

Book Review Pengaruh Gaya Trump (Malay Version)

Economic Analysis of Cotton Production in the Gezira Scheme: 19 70- 2004

The Impact of Credit Risk on Profitability of the Commercial Banks

Customer Metrics and How Store Performance is Related to Them

Book Review ‘Hubungan Etnik: Kelangsungan Pembinaan Negara Bangsa’ (Malay Version)

Book Review ‘From Poor Migrant To Millionaire’

Relationship between FDI and GDP: A Case Study of South Asian Countries

An Investigation of Various Weighting Schemes for Portfolios

Book Review ‘Maaf Tuan Speaker, Saya Tidak Dapat Menyokong” (Malay Version)

Book Review ‘Sun Tzu’s Art of War: War at Work' (Malay Version)

Book Review ‘Hak Untuk Berbeza Pendapat: Sebuah Lakaran Biografi Tentang Lim Kit Siang’ (Malay Version)

Book Review ‘How to Grow Rich: Secrets to Better Money Management’

Book Review ‘How To Invest in Stocks & Shares’

Sharing Economy and Healthcare Today: ICT, Knowledge, Skills, Projects, Practical Experience in Improving Clinical and Econom ic Outcomes

Role of a Project Manager in Managing Agile Projects

A New Management Healthcare Systems to Efficiently Reduce Healthcare Costs: Clinical Pharmaceutical Care, Medical Laboratory Imaging, Nuclear Medicine: A Synergy Instruments

Finance Bank Zambia Plc Retail Customers' Perceptions of Service Quality

Who Regulates the Mobile Money Operations by Telco ’s? The Need for an Effective and Robust Legislative and Regulatory Framework in Ghana

Clinical Pharmaceutical Care and New Technologies: A Synergy to High Reduce Healthcare Costs

Determinants of Financial Self Sufficiency of Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Institutions

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) in Pakistani Banking Secto r for Improving Overall Performance

Cultural Citizenship in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Interest Rate Risk - A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

The Effect of the Global Financial Crisis on Earning Management in Tehran Stock Exchange (Evidence From of the Products of Petroleum and Chemical Industry)

The Impact of External Environment on Export Performance

Sources of Public Funds and Economic Prosperity: The Nigerian Case

Impact of Crude Oil Prices on the Bombay Stock Exchange

Sustainably Managing the Bimbia Slave Trade Village – The Public Sector Role

To Assess the Role of Benazir Income Support Program in Achievi ng Food Security - A Case Study of Barikot, Swat, Pakistan

Information Technology Enabled Services in Promoting Services Marketing

Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance: The Case of Listed Tunisian Firms

Personalized Temporal Trading Functionalities Engaged in Calendar Market Anomalies: Empirical Evidences from the 2007 and 2009 Financial Crises

Characteristics of International Acquisitions Based on Evidence in Southeast Asia

Energy Crisis of India: In Search of New Alternatives

Female Students get More Marks as Compared to Male Students: A Statistical Study

The United States Social Security/Medicare Morass

Micro Takaful Insurance as a Tool to Guaranteeing Financing and Protecting Micro Enterprises

Velocity Management Strategy in Healthcare

The Role of Accounting Reform in Deterring Corruption Practices in the Public Sector: A Case Study in Kurdistan Region

Society, the Younger Generation and the Challenge of the Future

Statistical Methods for Estimating House Price Index

Financial Markets and Financial Planning

A Study of Factors Affecting Organizational Commitment among Bank Officers in Pakistan

To analyze the Comparative Financial Performance Analysis of Is lamic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan

Firm Aggressiveness and Respective Performance Empirical Study under Pakistani Setting

Determination of Youth Migration the Case of Tsegedie Wereda

Improving Service Quality in Hotels in Buea Subdivision before the African Nation’s Cup (Afcon - 2016 and 2019): The Public Sector Role

Contribution of ICT to Poverty Reduction among Women in Kilosa District

Chemical Composition and Oil Characterization of Some Accessions of Ricinus communis Seeds

The Influence of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Markets Performance in Top SAARC Countries and China

An Approach to the Problem of Authority

The Rating Agencies in the Toxic Game of Finance

Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ElSS) Vis-A-Vis Fixed Income Schemes under the Income Tax Act 1961

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Selected Banks in Rwanda

Recent Evidence on the Performance of UK SRI Funds

Validity of Weak Form Efficiency in European Stock Market

Family Businesses and Its Impact on the Economy

How the Current Digital Financial Revolution in East African Region Can Contribute to Saving Banks from Economic Stress and Collapse

Factors Affecting Labour and Leisure Time Decision: Evidence fr om Small and Medium Enterprises in Masvingo Urban

A Framework for Multi-Factor Fundamental Equity Risk Model

Impact of Islamic Modes of Finance on Economic Growth through Financial Stability

Uncovering Key Performance Indicators for Private Sector Banks in Pakistan: An Application of Exploratory Factor Analysis

Granger Causality between Growth in the Education Sector and Social Economic Services in Nigeria

Working Capital Management and Profitability: Evidence from Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia

Job Satisfaction Levels among Employees of Private Commercial Banks at Chuadanga District in Bangladesh

Consumer’s Satisfaction Level about Grameen Phone’s (GP) Service in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Perception Analysis

Abnormal Returns to Shareholders of M&A Participating Firms: Evidence from the Kuwaiti Stock Market

Optimal Premium Subsidy and Its Impact on Individual Choice for Insurance Coverage

When the Employer Neglects his Contractual Obligation Push and Pull Factors for Employees to Come to Work Which is not Paid: A Case of Zimbabwean Parastatals

Role of Knowledge Management in Safety of the Employees of the Electric Distribution Companies

Entrepreneurial Perceptions of Students of University of Central Punjab, Lahore and Also Finding the Hindrances They Perceive

Implementation of Basel Capital Ratios by Indian Banks

Viewing the Purchase of Dental Practices in Australia through a Finance Lens

Relationship between Inward Investment and Productivity in Oman

Financial Management or Accounting: A Theoretical Analysis of the Benefits and Limitations of Developing a ‘True’Financial Management Approach within Government Agencies in Australia

How did the French and Belgian Equity Markets React to their Domestic Terrorist Attacks?

Customers’ Switching Intention in Oman’s Banking Industry

An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Brain Drain on Developing Countries since 21st Century: A Case of Afghanistan

Strategies for Retaining a Multigenerational Workforce

Research and Design of Corporate Networks Infrastructure Using SDN Technologies with Emphasis to Virtual Switch

Impact of Personality of Company Directors as a Behavioral Risk Contributor on Corporate Governance Process

Information Reliability, Organizational Bank Structure, Interbank Competition and Relationship Lending Benefits

The Impact of Information Behaviour Dimensions on Decision-Making Stages: Evidence for Kuwaiti Public Organisations

How Behavioral Finance Patterns affect Investors’ Activity in Capital Markets?

Leadership Innovation and Implement Organizational Change and Lead a New Initiative through Adoption of the Innovation and Change Management Practices for Shiraz Industries Private Limited Company: A Survey from Pakistan

By-product Extraction of a Rationality-based Agency Conflict Index from Selected Credit Unions in Kenya: Introducing the Agency Conflict Discriminant

Practices of Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Communication in Global Business - A Conceptual Analysis on Managing Corporate Expansion: A Review Study

Economic Mathematic-Statistical Modeling in Distribution of Investments in Uzbekistan

The Perception of the External Investment Environment of South Africa: The Case of Chinese SMEs FDI

Relative Importance of Intellectual Capital Determinants, Using an Artificial Neural Network Approach: Case Study - Mellat Bank of Iran

Operating and Financial Equilibrium: A Perfect Solution for Price Output Determination Irrespective of Competition

When 80% of Information is NOT in Big Data and Spread Sheets… You Need to Become a Leadership Anthropologist

Game Theory in Organizational Justice: An Experimental Study on Teams

Programming and Implementation of Assessment

Effects of Banks’ Free Capital on Performance in Light of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from the GCC Region

Contribution of Bancassurance on the Performance of Bank: A Case Study of Acquisition of Shares in Max New York Life Insurance by Axis Bank

Study of Love Market in China

Consumer-Band Association: Determinants of Consumer Bank Switching Intention, Case of the Gambia Retail Banking Sector

Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability: A Study on Textile Companies of Bangladesh

Integrating Model of Religious and Corporate Charities in Islamic Microfinance Institutions for Poverty Reduction

The Study of Condition Financial and Credit Institutions in Iran: Perspective and History

A Note on the Workings of Bitcoin

Factors Influencing Individual Investors’ Behavior: An Empirical Study of Pakistan Financial Markets

The Effect of Asset Structure and Firm Size on Firm Value with Capital Structure as Intervening Variable

Accounting Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises in Rangpur, Bangladesh

Intangible Assets, Intellectual Property and the Misreporting of Financial Events

Dynamic Linkages among Selected South Asian Countries’Stock Markets

Determinants of Capital Structure Decisions among Ethiopian Micro Finance Institutions: Panel Data Evidence

Solvency and Sustainability of the SSNIT Pension Scheme

Sovereign Credit Rating Changes and its Impact on Financial Markets of Europe During Debt Crisis Period (Greece, Ireland)

The Effect of Bank Specific Factors on the Performance of Afriland First Bank in Cameroon

A Study of Investors Perception towards Mutual Funds in the City of Delhi and Meerut

Organizational Transformation Solution through the Adoption and Implementation of Conceptual Model Designed to Achieve New Value Addition to Address Performance Shortfalls: A Survey from Green Valley Hyper Market Pakistan

Impact of Outsourcing on Productivity in Bakery Industry, Abakaliki Metropolis

Effects of the Banking (Amendment) Act of 2016 on the Kenyan Banking Sector

Determinants of Borrowing Capacity of Small Holder Farmers in Cross River State, Nigeria

Exploring Strategies Microenterprise Owners use to Succeed in Business Beyond 2 Years

Determinants of Dividend Policy among Banks Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange

A Business Model for Hydrogen Fuel and Hydrogen Cars Infrastructure

The Physical Aspect of How Monetary Policy Functions

Women on Corporate Boards and Firm Performance, Preliminary Results from Italian Listed Companies after the Introduction of Gender Quota Law 120/2011

Financial Competency Assessment Model

The Effects of Organisational Culture on IFRS Adoption: Evidence from Nigerian’ Companies

Strategic Alliances

Working Capital Efficiency and Firm Value: Evidence form Pakistani Firms

Experience in Improving the Mechanism for Financing Export Capacity Building Programs in South Africa

External Factors Affecting Voluntary Taxpayers Compliance: The Case of Amhara National Regional State Revenue Authorities

The Impact of Pakistani and Chinese Cultural Differences on Project Success in Chinese Project Oriented Companies

Competition and Mission Drift in Microfinance: Does Competition has a Mission Drift Impact?

Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Tunisia

The Adaptive Nature of Investors Risky-Preferences

Organizations to Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Transform their Businesses

Measuring the Financial Performance of Islamic Banks in Selected Countries

The Impediments and Best Practice use of Derivatives in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa

Dollar’s Rials Injected into Iran’s Economy

A Study of Firms’ Perception of Environmental Dynamism and Innovativeness in Non-Dynamic Environments

Big Data Signaling in Annual Reports: Does the Presence of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) Signal Big Data Initiatives in Annual Financial Reports?

The Effectiveness of Boards of Directors in Nonprofit Organizations

Knowledge Management

A Study on Financial Statement Analysis in Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Kagithapuram, Karur

Effect of Organizational Justice on Job Satisfaction in Universities of Pakistan

Customer Relationship Management in Online Grocery Stores

An Analysis of the Impact of Imports of Steel from China on Indian Steel Industry

Evidence Determination of Bank Failure Eradication in the 21st Century Nigeria

Financial Management a Wheel to Financial Performance of Local Governments in Uganda: A Case Study of Tororo Municipal Council

Behavior of Retail Investors towards Financial Investments (with Special Reference to Bhopal) towards Various Investment Alternatives

Analysis of the Capital Structure and Banks Performance: Evidence from Pakistan

Effect of Interest Rate on Economic Growth: Swaziland as a Case Study

Impact of Strategic Short Term Financial Management on Corporate Earnings

Women Access to Microfinance Loans on Children Formal Education: A Case of Rural Northern Migrant in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana

Systemic Importance of Financial Institutions: Evidence from Asian Countries

Credit Purchase Control System in Credit Purchase Control System Cheating in Limited Company Trans Burger

Classification of the Micro, Small, Medium and Large (MSMLE’s) Enterprises in Belize, Based on the Free Cash Flow (FCF)

The Contribution of the Financial Sector in the Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Literature Review on Growth Theories and Indicators of Economic Growth

Want to Solve Problems on the Job? Then Take This Problem-Solving P.L.A.N.E. to Work

Organizational Factors and Competitiveness: A Case Study of Medium and Large Manufacturing Enterprises in Rwanda

Burnout and its Organizational Effects: A Study on Literature Review

Quality Audit and Operational Excellence in Aviation Industry

The Role of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Literature Review Analysis

Opportunities for a Sustainable European Financial System

Importation of Chinese Innovation to Pakistani Firms in China Pakistan Economic Corredor

Crisis 2008 Turned Out to be a Game Changer for Banks and Financial Institutions

The Influence of Bank Lending on Corporate Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks Quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

The Role of Foreign Investment in the Development of Financial Markets: Iraq Stock Exchange for the Period 2010 - 2017

Determinants of Dairy Product Market Participation of the Rural Households: The Case of Adaberga District in West Shewa Zone of Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Daily Exchange Rate EURO/USD: ARDL Methodology to Co-Integration

Contracts "FRA" - Forward Rate Agreement: Interest Rate Forwards

Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: The Case of Tunisian

Financial Inclusion: Access and Extent of Getting Financial Services

Decision Making of Women’s and their Behavior Towards the Investment Alternatives: Case Study of District Anantnag

Determinants of Stock Return for Non-Financial Sector: Evidence from Energy Sector of Pakistan

Economic Growth Analysis of Singapore: Simultaneous Equations Model

Socioeconomic Variables and Crimes: Co-integration Analysis for the United States

GoDigit: Risk Management Analysis


International Merger & Acquisitions

Project Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Success in Local Government in Rwanda

Sustainability Reporting Practices of Indian Corporate Sector: A Comparative Analysis

Journal of Business & Financial Affairs

Money & Output

A Framework for Multi-Factor Fundamental Equity Risk Model.

Editor's Note: Journal of Business & Financial Affairs : Open Access by Amedeo Xu

The Mediating Effect of Firm Performance on the Relationship between Ownership Structure Dimensions and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure by Firms Listed in Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya

The Impact of Trade Facilitation on Trade Flow in Asian Countries

Editorial Note on Business marketing and Consumer market.

Assessing the Effects of Financial Liberalization and Global Financial Crisis on Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from Smooth-Transition GARCH Models

Editors Note: Journal of Business & Financial Affairs : Amedeo Xu.

Financial Report

Financial Systems and Banking

Applied Econometrics

Marketing and Accounting

Business administration

Comparative Solvency Analysis of the Asian paints limited and Berger Paints Limited

An Analysis on Encounters and Prospects of Micro and Small Scale Enterprise in Oromia Regional State: In the case of Nekemte Town


National Income

Crisis Managment

Banking and How It Works

Vital Financial Management

Primary Market

Capital Flow

Demand Theory

Corporate Finance

Financil Market

Theory Demand

Financial Market

Finance Corporate

Flow Capital

Market Primary

3 Ways Customer Surveys Can Improve Your Business

6 Step Guide to Keyword Research that Turns Your Content into a Lead Machine

How Do Small Business Loans Work?

My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

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