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Elise Thorp

Department of Biology, Michigan State University, Williamston, Michigan, USA

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    Ozone Preconditioning in Viral Disease
    Author(s): James A Thorp*, KE Thorp, Elise Thorp and Deborah D Viglione

    Introduction: The purpose of this manuscript is to provide a narrative review of the literature and the basis of ozone therapy to treat viral illnesses including COVID-19 therapy. Methods: We performed a narrative review of 239 relevant publications and present new data not previously published from our group. Result: Ozone, a tri-atomic oxygen molecule is a natural substance made by the human white blood cells and metabolized into hydrogen peroxide and many lipo-peroxidases. Ozone is one of the most important modulators of the human immune system. Many investigators purport multiple potential mechanisms by which ozone treats a variety of viral and other illnesses at the atomic and cellular levels. While these mechanisms are operative, they represent passive events resulting from the ozone’s impartation of re.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/2736-657X.06.S1.001

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