Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology: Open Access

ISSN: 2684-6004

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Ahmed Younes

Department of Ear, Nose and Throat, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt

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    Author(s): Nagat S. EL-Shmaa*, Ashraf E Alzeftawy and Ahmed Younes

    Background: The purpose of this randomized observer-blinded clinical trial was to evaluate the utility of remifentanil compared with nitroglycerin for deliberate hypotensive anaesthesia throughout tympanoplasty. Methods: Patients planned for elective typanoplasty under general anaesthesia were allocated to receive either intravenous infusion of nitroglycerin 2-5 μg/kg/min (group NTG), or remifentanil 0.2-0.5 μg /kg/min (group REMI). The primary outcome measures were to keep up MAP between 60 and 70 mmHg with ideal vision of operative site. Results: Both studied agents induced deliberate hypotensive anaesthesia and achieved ideal vision of the surgical site by decreasing bleeding, but optimum vision was provided at reasonable hypotension (MAP 70-75) in group REMI however similar situation was.. Read More»

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