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Wendy Thomson

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    Out of Control Central or Peripheral? Control, Personality, and Depression
    Author(s): Wendy ThomsonWendy Thomson

    Introduction: The following study was part of a larger study designed to try to determine causal mechanisms and to explore in greater detail why premature death due to natural and unnatural causes followed discharge from hospital in a cohort of depressed patients. In this particular report the aim is to examine the specific relationship between depression and control.Method: The association between perceptions of personal control, personality, and depression, was examined in a sample of 95 subjects. The test group consists of patients referred to a psychiatrist and diagnosed as depressed in an outpatient department. Results: Clinically depressed subjects had significantly higher ratings on the perceived control item, reflecting more negative appraisals of control. The discrepancy between ideal and perceived levels of con.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2572-0791.1000120

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