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    Philosophy of Animal Behavioural Study and Its Relevance in Modern Laboratory Research
    Author(s): Sanjeeva Kumar MSanjeeva Kumar M

    Development of animal behavioural observational skills dates back to Palaeolithic era when the prehistoric hunter human ancestors successfully gamed their prey by understanding how animals behave, in other words, survival needs, instigated the need to master the animal behaviour to find a prey successfully. Greek philosophers, while attempting to describe the order of the world, considered the animal origin and the attribute that makes them unique, differential animal behaviour was the obvious one. The importance of animal behaviour studies lies in better animal welfare and improving animal behavioural experiences preventing animal suffering. The 1965 report on intensive farming practices by Brambell committee that exposed farming practices in Europe paved the way to realise the importance of animal behaviour in animal welfare. Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of animal usage men.. Read More»

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