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Neda Hatami

West Indies

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    Link between Mindfulness and Personality-Related Factors Including Empathy, Theory of Mind, Openness, Pro-social Behaviour and Suggestibility
    Author(s): Hossein Kaviani and Neda HatamiHossein Kaviani and Neda Hatami

    This research investigated a potential linkage between mindfulness and personality characteristics such as openness to experience, empathy (empathic concern and theory of mind), pro-social behaviour and suggestibility. A sample of 275 volunteers was recruited. A series of the research questionnaires and scales was employed to measure mindfulness, empathic concern, theory of mind (or perspective taking), pro-social behaviour (or altruism) and suggestibility. Based on the quartile scores, participants were divided into two low (first quartile) and high (forth quartile) on mindfulness. Using a two-way MANOVA, the results showed that participants high on mindfulness exhibited increased theory of mind, pro-social behaviour and openness, in addition to decreased suggestibility. Neither main nor interaction effects were found for gender factor. Theoretical models in the field of social cogni.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2572-0791.1000119

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