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Monika Chaturvedi


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    Assess the Level of Stress among B.Sc. Nursing 1st Year Students in Selected Nursing Colleges of Indore
    Author(s): Dipti Singh and Monika ChaturvediDipti Singh and Monika Chaturvedi

    Aim: To Assess the level of stress among B.Sc nursing 1st year students. Materials and methods: A quantitative research approach, descriptive research design was adopted for the study. Total 30 samples obtain from 1st year B.Sc nursing students selected by using consecutives sample technique. Stress scale was used to assess the level of stress. The data was analysed by using the descriptive and inferential statistic. Results and conclusion: It is found that among B.Sc nursing 1st year students 30% are having mild stress, 63.33% are having moderate stress, and 6.67% are having severe stress. Statistical analysis showed that mean of B.Sc nursing student level of stress is 24.63. Significant difference were found at score (p<0.05) thus the study revealed that there is no association with the selec.. Read More»

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