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Mayhoub AB


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    The Mathematical Treatment for Air Pollutant Diffusion Using Laplace Adomain Decomposition Method with Ground Surface
    Author(s): Esmail S and Mayhoub ABEsmail S and Mayhoub AB

    The method of Laplace Adomain Decomposition has been used to obtain a semi-analytical solution of the threedimensional steady state advection diffusion equation for dispersion of air pollutant from a point source. The present treatment takes into account a realistic boundary condition which considers the ground surface as an absorberreflector surface for the pollutant, simultaneously. This physical consideration is achieved by assuming that the vertical eddy diffusivity coefficient should be non-zero at the ground surface for vertical diffusion to be possible. The wind prevailing speed is parameterized in terms of vertical height using the power law profile. An upper boundary condition assuming capping inversion is considered which means that pollutant is subjected to a boundary Condition of zero flux. The present model calculations are compared with the available data of the atmosphe.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000212

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