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Lemy EE


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    Prevalence of Parasitic Helminthes from Feacal Samples of Cattle at Various Abattoirs in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria
    Author(s): Lemy EE and Egwunyenga AOLemy EE and Egwunyenga AO

    Occurrence of parasitic helminthes from feacal samples of cattle at various abattoirs in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria was investigated. Visits were made to different abattoirs weekly for collection feacal samples as early as 6:00 am when the cattle are set for slaughter. The feacal specimen were collected directly from the rectum of slaughtered cattle using hand gloves on sample bottles for laboratory analysis using feacal floatation and direct smear methods. Status of the cattle was recorded as emaciated and moderate via visual examination. Each of the samples was clearly labeled with the animal’s sex, date of collection and place of collection. A total of 121 samples were collected from 4 abattoir/slaughter slab within Abraka. From the samples collected and examined, 61(50.4%) were positive to helminthes parasites which include Trichostrongyle sp., Trichuris .. Read More»

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