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Jasbir Kaur Taak

Chandigarh-160 014

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    To Study Hydrogeology and Wetland-Groundwater Interactions around Sukhna Wetland, Chandigarh, India
    Author(s): Jasbir Kaur Taak, Singh KP and Ahluwalia ASJasbir Kaur Taak, Singh KP and Ahluwalia AS

    In the present paper the hydrological regime around Sukhna wetland is studied to know how a wetland is functioning, its influence on hydrology of the area and wetland-groundwater interactions. The subsurface geology of boreholes drilled around Sukhna wetland reveals thick zones of boulders, pebbles, gravels, sand and clay at different depths. In this area there are two type aquifer systems i.e., shallow and deep. The depth for shallow aquifer ranged 2-20 m bgl and in deeper aquifers ranged 10 above 40 m bgl. The water level fluctuations for the period 1985-2013, indicates the declining water level trend in both the seasons i.e., pre monsoon (May) and post monsoon (November) due to over exploitation by tubewells installed by the Public Health Department, UT, Chandigarh for providing domestic water supply. The water table elevation contour maps for May and November months in Chandigarh .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7587.1000244

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