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Giuseppina Mandalari

Professor Pharmaco-Biological Department, University of Messina, Italy


Dr. Giuseppina Mandalari is currently working in Pharmaco-Biological Department, University of Messina, Italy. Dr. Mandalari began her academic career at the University of Messina with a first class BSc degree in Biological Sciences. For her PhD in Pharmacognosy, she undertook a collaborative project in enzyme production and phenolic compounds extraction between the Pharmaco-Biological Department of the University of Messina, Italy and the Food Material Science at the Institute of Food Research UK. Her main research area involves the investigation of human digestion in relation to gut health. She has a particular interest in in vivo studies and the bioaccessibility of nutrients and phytochemicals from various food matrices, which has important implications in the areas of disease prevention and management.

Research Interest

Pharmaco-Biological, Bioprocessing, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Biochemical process

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