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    Single and Mixed Surfactants-aided Removal of Mixed Toxic Metals and Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soil: Batch and Column Studies
    Author(s): Audu P, Wuana RA, Eneji IS and Itodo AUAudu P, Wuana RA, Eneji IS and Itodo AU

    Indiscriminate disposal of different kinds of wastes on soil at auto-repair sites in Makurdi, Nigeria is becoming an environmental issue and the restoration of impacted soil is a challenge. The potential of single surfactants and their binary blends to remove mixed contaminants were evaluated via bench scale soil washing experiments. Impacted soil samples from auto-repair site, located in Makurdi Nigeria was assayed for Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn and total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations. Batch and column soil washing experiments were designed to assess the effectiveness of the single surfactants (sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) and Triton x-100 or their binary blends to remove the mixed contaminants with the view to optimizing operating conditions such as surfactant initial concentration (10-150 mM), surfactant initial pH (3-12), soil/liquid ratio (1:50-1.. Read More»

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