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ElKattan A

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    The Five Themes of Change Management
    Author(s): ElKattan AElKattan A

    As Kotter commented, a change is required to build an organization that wins in both the present and the future. However, for change to be successful, it should take the culture aspects into consideration. Hence, this research brought the cultural component under full investigation in terms of both the national and organizational cultures by utilizing Hofstede’s 6-Dimension Model and Hofstede Multi-Focus Model. The purpose is to provide a new culture-based change management model. The new model is called ElKattan’s 5-Theme Model. The model tackles a number of pitfalls in the existing models like Lewin’s 3-Phase Model and Kotter’s 8-Step Model. The study used a qualitative research design in a context of two medium-sized companies in Egypt. In order to assess the influence of the culture on the change, the organizational culture was measured using a survey that .. Read More»

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