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Arfa Nawaz


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    Parametric Study for Adsorption of Sodium Rhodizonate on Chitosan
    Author(s): Kanwal Rashid, Ayesha Saddiqa and Arfa NawazKanwal Rashid, Ayesha Saddiqa and Arfa Nawaz

    Sodium Rhodizonate, a derivative of Rhodizonic acid is widely used in industry and also for detection of different metals in waste water. In the present work the ability to remove Sodium Rhodizonate from waste water is studied using Chitosan as an adsorbent material. The studies are approved as a function of adsorbent amount, contact time, pH and temperature. Acidic pH (1.5-2), medium temperature (45-55) were found to be favorable for adsorption of Sodium Rhodizonate. Maximum adsorption of chitosan is obtained after 70 minute. Similarly the initial concentration Equilibrium isotherm was measured experimentally at different temperatures. It has been constructally shown that chitosan is a highly promising material for the removal of Sodium Rhodizonate .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2380-2391.1000136

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