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Amin Shaban

National Council for Scientific Research,

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    New Economic Policies: Instruments for Water Management in Lebanon
    Author(s): Amin ShabanAmin Shaban

    Social, economic and environmental aspects should be taken into consideration for IWRM implementation in Lebanon. This would be helpful to formulate policies required for improving water sector. Likewise many countries, Lebanon do not implement water policies on the formal level. This is critical since policies are initiative for legislation, strategic planning and operational management. Hence, water resources in Lebanon are threatened by population growth and climatic variability and imbalanced supply/demand. Thus, the interrelation between supplier and consumer should be harmonized since there is large amount of water is lost due non-uniform water supply and partitioning approaches, besides lack of awareness and absence of wise-use of water resources. Therefore, economic policies should be adopted in Lebanon and water pricing must be set to give incentives to user for efficient wat.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7587.1000222

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