Medicinal Chemistry

ISSN: 2161-0444

Open Access

Volume 11, Issue 1 (2021)

Research Pages: 1 - 8

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrrolidine Functionalized Nucleoside Analogs

Uthpala Seneviratne, Susith Wickramaratne, Delshanee Kotandeniya, Arnold S. Groehler, Robert J. Geraghty, Christine Dreis, Suresh S. Pujari, and Natalia Y. Tretyakova*

Inhibition of viral reverse transcriptases and mammalian DNA polymerases by unnatural nucleoside analogues is a proven approach in antiviral and anticancer therapy, respectively. The majority of current nucleoside drugs retain the canonical nucleobase structure, which is fused to an unnatural sugar. In the present work, a series of novel pyrrolidine-functionalized purine and pyrimidine nucleosides was prepared via PyBOP-catalyzed SNAr addition-elimination reactions of commercial halogenated precursors and tested for their antiviral and anticancer activity. The newly synthesized nucleoside analogues showed limited biological activity, probably as a result of their poor cellular uptake and their inefficient bioactivation to the corresponding nucleoside monophosphates. A phosphoramidate prodrug, had improved cell permeability and was metabolized to the nucleoside monophosphate form in human cells, as revealed by HPLC-MS/MS analyses.

Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

Conductive Nature in Gem Structures Uncovered at Amplification Of 10 Million Times

Sowmya Uttam

"The conductive nature and special course of these metallic line absconds mean we can make a material that is straightforward like glass and simultaneously pleasantly directionally conductive like a metal," said Mkhoyan, a TEM master and the Ray D. what's more, Mary T. Johnson/Mayon Plastics Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering. "This gives us the most awesome aspect two universes. We can make windows or new kinds of touch screens straightforward and simultaneously conductive. This is extremely energizing."


Deformities, or flaws, are regular in precious stones - and line absconds (the most well-known among them is the disengagement) are a column of particles that stray from the typical request. Since disengagements have similar piece of components as the host precious stone, the progressions in electronic band structure at the separation center, because of balance decrease and strain, are frequently just somewhat not quite the same as that of the host. The analysts expected to look outside the disengagements to locate the metallic line deformity, where imperfection arrangement and coming about nuclear design are unfathomably extraordinary.

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Researchers Find How Fundamental Methane Impetus is Made

Uttam Sowmya

Better approaches to change over carbon dioxide (CO2) into methane gas for energy use are a bit nearer after researchers found how microbes make a part that encourages the cycle. Reusing CO2 into energy has massive potential for making these outflows valuable as opposed to a main consideration in an Earth-wide temperature boost. In any case, in light of the fact that the microbes that can change over CO2 into methane, methanogens, are famously hard to develop, their utilization in gas creation stays restricted.


This test propelled a group of researchers drove by Professor Martin Warren, of the University of Kent's School of Biosciences, to examine how a key atom, coenzyme F430, is made in these microscopic organisms. Despite the fact that F430 - the impetus for the creation cycle - is primarily fundamentally the same as the red color found in red platelets (haem) and the green shade found in plants (chlorophyll), the properties of this brilliant yellow coenzyme permit methanogenic microorganisms to take in carbon dioxide and breathe out methane.

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Copper-Indium Oxide: A Quicker and Cooler Approach to Lessen Our Carbon Impression

Uttam Sowmya

New e-fuel advances regularly utilize the converse water-gas move (RWGS) response to change barometrical CO2 over to CO. While proficient, this response requires high temperatures and complex gas partition for superior. Be that as it may, without precedent for the world, researchers from Japan have now exhibited record-high CO2 change rates at moderately low temperatures in an altered substance circling form of RWGS utilizing a novel copper-indium oxide.


With always demolishing environmental change, there is a developing requirement for advances that can catch and go through the climatic CO2 (carbon dioxide) and diminish our carbon impression. Inside the domain of sustainable power, CO2-based e-fills have arisen as a promising innovation that endeavors to change over barometrical CO2 into clean energizes. The cycle includes creation of engineered gas or syngas (a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO)). With the assistance of the opposite water-gas move (RWGS) response, CO2 is separated into the CO vital for syngas. While promising in its transformation effectiveness, the RWGS response requires staggeringly high temperatures (>700°C) to continue, while additionally producing undesirable side-effects.

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Novel Impetus to Change Over Carbon Dioxide Designed

Uttam Sowmya

From waste to asset

Carbon dioxide (or CO2) is a follow gas in earth's environment and assumes an essential part in directing the planet's surface temperature by catching warmth. Despite the fact that it frames a significant piece of the planet's carbon cycle, CO2 is likewise known to be a powerful ozone harming substance. Since the mechanical transformation, the degree of climatic CO2 has climbed consistently because of human action and is accepted to be behind the current scene of an unnatural weather change.


In the field of science, useful arrangements are presently being tried to lessen air CO2 by utilizing the gas as asset as opposed to a side-effect. Notwithstanding, utilizing carbon dioxide as a crude material and changing it over to valuable synthetics or powers is famously troublesome on account of compound's atomic steadiness. This solidness presents serious difficulties to endeavors to enact or reactivate CO2.


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