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Volume 11, Issue 2 (2021)

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    An Analysis of the Labor Process Theory: from Marx to Post Braverman Debate

    Ishfaq Majeed

    The roots of labor process begins with Marx analyses of how the labor process shifted from simple cooperation to manufacture and modern industrial stage, which resulted in the elimination of the skilled craft workers ability to exercise his judgment and authority over their labor power. Braverman take a new look at the skill, technology and work organization. He argued there is a greater possibility for managerial control which resulted in the wide-range deskilling of the workers. The Labor process debate in late 1970s attempts to include into discussion the important changes in the labor process. The debate over the development of the labor process led to a developing body of theoretical and empirical literature in the sociology of work. The present paper reviews the theoretical contribution of various thinkers to the labor process and to analyze the roots of deskilling or Upskilling of the workers in the labor process.

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 4

    A Study on Administrative Agencies under Regulatory Law

    Udhaya Kumar and Malaimagal

    Government managerial offices are bodies certainly approved by the US Constitution and made by Congress to implement resolutions and create guidelines in facilitation of those rules. That is, authoritative offices help the administrative branch in creating and the official branch in executing laws. Authoritative offices incorporate divisions, offices, commissions, agencies, sheets, government partnerships, and councils. Most regulatory organizations fall under the influence of the official branch. There are, nonetheless, a couple of regulatory offices that are legitimately under the influence of Congress, for example, the Congressional Budget Office and the Library of Congress. The specialist of the President over a regulatory office relies on the beginning of the office and whether it is an "official organization" or "free office". At government and state levels, managerial organizations increase whatever power they have by designation that is to state, that they don't have inalienable, intrinsically ordered capacity to act. Or maybe, a, larger amount of government, ordinarily the lawmaking body, must delegate its very own portion capacity to the office. It depends. All together for an organization to exist, it should initially be made by the empowering enactment. This rule is a gadget that sets up the essential system for the office, and the arrangement of standards and impediments by which it should live. These may incorporate an assortment of things including hierarchical issues, staffing, pay rates and methodology for leading business. The most significant is the appointment of intensity and its impediment. The appointment might be very expansive, giving the organization for all intents and purposes total power inside a zone (e.g., all tax assessment matters inside a ward), or it might be very explicit and limit the office's position to a thin scope of exercises, for example, working a solitary toll street.

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    Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Coffee Production and Adaptation Mechanisms; The Case of Small-Holder Farmers at Dara Woreda, South Ethiopia

    Aneteneh Shiferaw* and Demelash Kefale

    This study was carried out with the objective of examining the extent of climate variability and its effect on coffee production and identifying determinants for
    farmers’ decisions to undertake adaptation measures in Dara woreda. A multistage sampling technique was employed to select peasant association. Qualitative
    data were gathered through focus group discussion, key informant’s interviews and quantitative data were also collected from 145 sample households. Logit
    model was used to identify the determinants for farmer’s decisions on adaptation measures, while linear regression and Pearson’s correlation were used to
    identify relationships and effects of climatic variables on coffee production. The results of this study reviled that, 93% of the respondents perceives the existence
    of reduction in rainfall, while 85% believes an increase in temperature over the last 20 years. The analysis of linear trend also show not only inter-annual and
    seasonal variability, but also a decreasing trend of rainfall in the area. The meteorological data also confirmed the increase in both maximum and minimum
    temperatures. Similarly, the annual yield of coffee productivity showed a decreasing tendency in the area for the period 1995-2014. Besides, the results of linear
    regression showed that, the amount of rainfall received and increased temperature significantly affected coffee production. Similarly Pearson’s correlations
    indicated negative relationship between temperature and coffee yield, and strong correlation between rainfall and coffee yield. On the other hand, results of the
    logit regression model illustrated that; education level, farm size, access to credit service and family size being the major determinants for the farmers’ decisions
    on adaptation measures in the area. Thus it would be vital to acknowledge the impacts of climate variability on coffee production in Dara woreda and considere
    the determinant factors to implement appropriate adaptation measures in order to address the impacts of climate change and variability in the area. Keywords:
    adaptation • climate variability •climate change •Dara woreda •logit model

    Research Pages: 1 - 5

    The Dynamics of Foreign Direct Investment in Economy of Saudi Arabia

    Mohammad Naquibur Rahman

    The present research paper is to investigate the futuristic dynamics of resurgence of the economy of Saudi Arabia in the wake of the introduction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) creating high impact particularly on GCC countries and generally on the world. It is strongly believed among the economists of the world that FDI is the irreversible impact of globalization and liberalization in the 21st Century. It goes without saying that the impact of FDI can be measured through the economics tools. Rather than while dealing with this subject, other factors also affect the behavior of economic dividends in the process of implement the FDI especially infrastructure of the country, geo-political position of the country and its clout over the world’s financial institutions apart from domestic governance of the country. The very FDI plays a very significant role in ensuring the behavior of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, taking the country towards trade surplus destination and removing unemployment by creating jobs. The main conclusion of the study sheds light over the inflow of FDI and determining the GDP and taking Saudi Arabia towards balanced trade players in the world.

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    The Guidelines of Shariah Compliance and the Balanced Scorecard Measurements for Improvements in the Islamic Banks Performance in Malaysia

    Raed Ahmad Abu Eid

    The assessment of the performance of the Islamic banks is still an unexplored area, and there is a limited perspective of performance evaluation, which affects the level of Islamic banking performance and remains arguable. This study has tried to conceptualized Kaplan & Norton's (1996, 2001) Balanced Scorecard and its comparison with the current presentation calculation structure of the Islamic banks. This study has introduced guidelines to the better output of Islamic banks for Shariah Compliance by using BSC measures. This study has found a useful connection among BSC estimates, attributes of Shariah Compliance, and Islamic banks' performance. Tremendous improvement has been seen by Banks, which used both; the BSC and Shariah estimates. The research was limited in its scope of investigation for implementation and applicability of the stabilized Scorecard theory (Kaplan and Norton, 1992) in the Islamic Banking Sector only due to time constraints. For future researchers, this study can also form a basis for establishing a more coherent model and an aspiration to improve the findings and results of this study.

    Volume 11, Issue 6 (2021)

      Review Article Pages: 1 - 4

      Social Media and its Impact on Governance Building in Africa: The Nigeria Scenario

      Abubakar S Yushau Alfakoro*, Yahaya Aliyu Ismaila and Abdul Hadi Ayodeji

      DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.416

      Overtime, the social media as contributed to the development of citizen’s participation in government, as it has the potentials to create public awareness and interactions between people in a simple form and different means. Majority of citizens are users of one form of social media or the other in which they interact on daily basis and Nigeria have been experiencing bad leadership, corruption, and economic problems due to bad governance without citizen’s consensus and consent. The objective of this paper is to access the role of social media on consensus and consent building in governance as citizen’s full flagged participation will guarantee accountability, transparency and responsiveness in government. The paper made use of secondary sources of data. The paper recommends that free access to information, responsible journalism and citizen’s participation will aid in governance building.

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 10

      Impact of Working from Home on Burnout and Stress in Indian Millennials after the COVID-19 Breakout

      Neha Gangwar* and Sivana Andrea D’Costa

      DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.418

      The onset of COVID-19 in 2019 brought with it a slew of issues at the personal, economic, social, and mental levels. COVID–19 has proven to result in increased stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression particularly among people already dealing with health issues. While the impact of the virus has been studied extensively, the impact of the one variable of working from home especially in a country like India with a predominantly rigid culture has been missing. Hence, the research focused on understanding the relationship between working from home and stress as well as burnout among full-time employees, particularly in the millennial age band. The research found that there is a strong positive correlation between stress and burnout where an increase in one leads to an increase in the other as well. The research also found that gender differences exist, but this is particularly in stress levels with women reporting that they feel more stressed out than their male counterparts. The research also observed that the working from home experience has been a mixed bag of ups and downs for mist however, 80% of people are still keen on continuing to work from home for at least a part of the workweek even post coronavirus.

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 7

      The Critical Analysis of the Impact of Automation on Employment Opportunities in India

      M Pavan Rao*

      DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.417

      Employments have risen as a vital subject in the advancement plan of most national governments and a few worldwide associations in the course of recent decades. In the created nations, tenaciously high and expanding joblessness rates have offered to ascend to restored worry for occupation creation, while in many creating nations profitable business is viewed as a method for neediness lightening. As of late, the procedures of globalization have likewise brought about specific patterns in labour advertises in both the created and creating nations which have increased the enthusiasm for the suggestions on work of universal exchange and venture streams. In created nations, concern has been raised over the movement of employments due to redistributing and moves of cash-flow to creating nations. Then again, in the creating nations, fears have been communicated of dislodging of labourers in the up to this point ensured segments because of worldwide challenge. Anxieties have additionally been raised about the probability of an expanding number of specialists getting utilized in generally poor states of work, on low wages and without government disability, because of the businesses 'quest for cost decrease' so as to stay focused, along these lines prompting what is regularly named as the 'race to the base' in regard of work principles. The issue has along these lines accepted worldwide measurements and handling it would require universal activity. In the meantime, worldwide improvements will deliver their effects on the business circumstance inside the national economies. Likewise, it must be perceived that since the idea of the issue is significantly unique in the created and creating nations and has nation explicit measurements also, a substantial piece of the push to address the difficulty should be made at the national dimension. The Global Employment Agenda (GEA) was created by the International Labor Organization (ILO, 2003a) as a reaction to the above concerns and the test of meeting the objective of profitable and tolerable work for all. It is a piece of the technique to actualize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially the objective of "splitting the extent of individuals whose salary is not exactly a dollar daily constantly 2015". Perceiving that business is principal in the battle against destitution and social avoidance, GEA urges governments, managers' and labourers’ associations, the private segment and common society to offer the need to full, unreservedly picked gainful work as the establishment for OK work in defining monetary and social approaches. The fundamental point of the Agenda is "to put work at the core of monetary and social arrangements". ILO sees the Agenda as a piece of its more extensive objective of Decent Work, similarly accentuating the advancement of business openings and enhancing the subjective components of work. Nature of occupations is seen both as far as efficiency and states of work. Enhancing profitability is essential to business, particularly for the ‘working poor’ that comprises a vast piece of the workforce especially in creating nations, and, in this manner, requires being the focal concentration in any neediness lightening methodology. Recognition of center work principles as a component of the states of work is seen both as a flat-out the necessity of decent work just as profitability improving variable.

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