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An Analysis of the Labor Process Theory: from Marx to Post Braverman Debate


Ishfaq Majeed

The roots of labor process begins with Marx analyses of how the labor process shifted from simple cooperation to manufacture and modern industrial stage, which resulted in the elimination of the skilled craft workers ability to exercise his judgment and authority over their labor power. Braverman take a new look at the skill, technology and work organization. He argued there is a greater possibility for managerial control which resulted in the wide-range deskilling of the workers. The Labor process debate in late 1970s attempts to include into discussion the important changes in the labor process. The debate over the development of the labor process led to a developing body of theoretical and empirical literature in the sociology of work. The present paper reviews the theoretical contribution of various thinkers to the labor process and to analyze the roots of deskilling or Upskilling of the workers in the labor process.


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