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Working Conditions of Journalists in District Swat at the End of Militancy


Yasir Waseem Lqbal and Qazi Farman Ullah

This study aims at investigating the working conditions of journalists in Swat after the militancy ended. Swat is a Militancy hit area and responsibilities of journalists were increased after 2006 when Taliban started their terrorist activities in this scenic valley. It was explored that majority of journalists feel free to write whatever they feel right. Swat journalist were very low paid media workers and have long duty hours than normal eight hours. Majority of journalists feel proud when they introduce their organization. Majority of respondents reported that their organization did not demand seeking of advertisements and did not ask to take care of advertisers’ interests. Almost all journalists consider that they have opted this field by choice and want to render services to country and society. It was revealed that media organizations did not compensate their workers in case of loss. Majority of journalists were not satisfied with their salaries and feared that they have threats to be removed from job. They were in search of better opportunities in other media organizations. Majority of respondents consider professional training and workshops necessary for journalists. Respondents feel that journalistic bodies are working for the welfare of journalists; they feel that they have required education of this field and were fit for this profession.


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