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While Number Superstitions Exist: The Influence of Prices on Mobile Phone Consumers Purchase Intentions


Wen-Tsung Wu, Chie-Bein Chen and Chiao-Chen Chang

This study tests a conceptual model of the effects of number superstitions and price on perceived price fairness and purchase intentions in Taiwan. The mediating effects of perceived price fairness on purchase intentions are also explored. The experimental results indicate that, for auspicious mobile numbers with a price premium, consumers will perceive price fairness which positively influences their purchase intentions. On the other hand, consumers show low purchase intentions with regards to inauspicious mobile numbers with a price discount because they may believe in using inauspicious mobile numbers will bring bad luck. Thus, number superstitions are significant in the Taiwan mobile telecommunication market. Through a discussion of the integration of number superstition and price in consumers’ purchase process, this research helps the mobile telecommunications industry understand the phenomenon and adopt a suitable price policy. The work concludes with suggestions for future research.


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