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Various Types of Lightning Electric Field Signatures Observed in Kathmandu, Nepal


Pitri Bhakta Adhikari

Vertical electrical fields due to lightning in the sub-tropical thunderstorms over the rugged terrain were sensed, recorded, and measured at a hilly station of Kathmandu, Nepal. Various types of lightning electric field signatures have been observed, recorded and analyzed. From the records, the cloud-to-ground discharges were found to be 22.4% and cloud-to–cloud discharge were found to be 58.5% whereas, the unusual events counted 10.4% and rest of the events were found to be 8.7%. The lightning activity may be influenced by the hills and mountains due to which greater number of ground flashes and the density of positive ground flashes were relatively higher in Nepal than other geographical locations. Positive lightning flashes are mainly influenced by tall towers, high mountains, rugged hills and other tall structures. Hence, lightning activity is influenced by the high hills and mountains of Nepal.


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