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Uses of Information and Communication Technology among Women during Pregnancy


Jayaseelan R and Pichandy C

This paper examines how pregnant women living in India use information and communication technologies (ICTs), principally internet, to access pregnancy-related information. Further the researchers considered women with the Indian family system have to take more household activities and their health system hence they may tend to prefer reading online as the best method to gather the information which they need. Demographic variables such as age, educational qualification, occupation and monthly income of the respondents detailed were considered to be independent variables for the study and using information communication technology by pregnant women before and during pregnancy was categorized as dependent variables. The data was gathered through the survey method, statistical analyses were performed to find the relationships between the independent and dependent variables. In this study, the researchers attempt to understand how the new media of technologies are being accessed, used and gratified by educated, young pregnant women on their health related queries through new media of communication. This study is expected to throw newer lights on the growing reliance on new media technology among the first time literate pregnant women


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