Reports in Thyroid Research

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Thyroid Involvement in Takayasu's Disease


Salem Bouomrani, Safa Trabelsi, Chiraz Halwani, Mayada Ben Hamad, Nesrine Regaïeg, Nesrine Belgacem, Najla Lassoued, Hassène Baïli and Béji Maher

Thyroid disorders are among the most common endocrine pathologies and are often primary due to damage to the thyroid gland itself. Their overall prevalence is estimated at 10% and is dominated by subclinical or asymptomatic forms. Autoimmunity plays a crucial role in the majority of cases of dysthyroidism, thus explaining their frequent association with other systemic and/or organ-specific dysimmune diseases, including systemic vasculitis with antibodies. Apart from these "dysimmune" angiitis, thyroid involvement is exceptional in other systemic vasculitis, such as Takayasu's disease, and only a few sporadic observations are reported. As a result, the exact significance of thyroid deficiency during this vasculitis is not well known. It can be simply an accidental association but more likely seems to be a specific endocrine involvement of this vasculitis or two conditions sharing the same genetic predisposition. Similarly, the prognostic significance and the physiopathogenic mechanisms of these dysthyroidism associated with systemic vasculitis are not yet well understood.

The purpose of this review is to clarify the thyroid involvement during Takayasu's arteritis and to discuss possible pathogenic mechanisms for these thyropathies.


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