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The Status and Psychological Challenges of Implementation of Continuous Professional Development/CPD/ in Primary Schools of South Wollo Zone


Tareke G and Tefera B

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) implementation and to better understand the relationship between teachers’ outlook and CPD implementation in primary schools of South Wollo zone. A total of 90 first and 96 second cycle primary teachers, 24 principals and vice principals, 11 supervisors, 4 education experts from sample woredas and two experts from the zone education office participated in the study. To collect data about the practice of CPD at school level and its effect on classroom teaching questionnaires were administered to teachers, principals, vice principals and supervisors. In addition, a questionnaire was administered to teachers to generate data regarding teachers’ perception of CPD. Pertaining to teachers self-efficacy, scales were adapted from Tschannen-Moran and Woolfok Hoy. To secure qualitative data, interview, class session observation and document analysis were used. The finding of the study indicated that first cycle primary school teachers had higher level of participation in CPD learning activities than second cycle primary school teachers.


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