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The Source of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) Measured by Pioneer V


Mahmoud E Yousif

Solar atmosphere expansion into interplanetary space was a dominant theoretical models when Pioneer-V was launched in March 1960, to determine among others the source of measured anomalous Interplanetary Magnetic Fields (IMF); lacking alternatives, the experimenters endorsed the solar-wind theory; this paper noticed loopholes in that endorsement; such as the probe’s failure to detect any increase in IMF for fifty five minutes, and a maximum horizontal magnetic field was recorded at three Earth Magnetic Observatories two hours before Pioneer-V measured maximum IMF, indicating the existence of magnetic disturbance source nearer to the Earth, contrary to the theory; these observations are hoped to give the scientific community a different angle to review many unresolved issues, that will reflects positively on the determination of type of the alternative renewable energy.


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