Journal of Health Education Research & Development

ISSN: 2380-5439

Open Access

The Role of Emerging Disease Health Education: A Systematic Analysis


Mahnaz Solhi1, Mitra Abolfathi2, Fatemeh Darabi3, Nasim Mirzaei4 and Naila Nejad Dadgar5

Context: The purpose of this study is to review the studies that have used educational intervention in the field of emerging infectious diseases, based on methods, application of models, and theories of health education and health promotion and the effect of interventions on prevention and reducing the incidence of these diseases. Evidence acquisition: Electronic search of databases was performed using the key words in English and Persian. Databases reviewed were, Scientific Information Database (SID), Iran Medex, PubMed, Ebsco, Scopus, Index Copernicus and Cochrane. The databases search was conducted from October 2016 to July 2017. Results: Interventions to Emerging diseases were divided into two types based on use of models and theories of health education and without use of models and theories of health education. In the 16 articles reviewed, 7 studies were conducted based on theories and models of health education, and 9 studies did not use theories and models of health education. Conclusion: Training in the community setting to the analogous groups, time, place, length of intervention and use of modern methods of training, are effective in order to decrease morbidity. Overall, health education, combined with health improvement approaches have a greater impact, in prevention and reducing the incidence of emerging diseases.


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