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The Role of Corporate Communication in Handling Organizational Crisis with 2 Case Studies from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry


Debatree Saha

Technology has spread to all spheres of life and Public Sector Units (PSUs) are not lacking behind. The Corporate Communication team in any PSUs uses latest technologies like the new media along with newspapers, televisions, Press Releases etc. to reach out to the masses about the goals and achievements of the organization. This research paper focuses on the role played by the Corporate Communication department in handling organizational crisis that happened in 2005 and 2009 in a reputed Fortune 500 oil sector PSU based in India and abroad. This project revolves around two real life case studies. So this project is titled “The Role of Corporate Communication in Handling Organizational Crisis’ revolves around two real life case studies. It highlights the specific areas where the organization has put in its efforts in managing the two different disasters that happened in the recent past. The first case happened in 2005, when the biggest offshore platform belonging to the World’s Most Admired Company was hit by a vessel whereby a catastrophic fire engulfed the platform which was lost forever. In the second case in 2009, the organization faced a crisis when it was asked to set up itself as a subsidiary unit in Assam. Crisis communication, an extremely important role of Corporate Communication has been explained elaborately with the two cases studies in the report.


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