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The New 'G-d's Physics Twenty-First Century Paradigm: A Morally Perfected (Geula) Directed New physics Universe


Jehonathan Bentovish

Twenty-first Century Theoretical Physics is in a state of a "Paradigmatic-Crisis" wherein the two pillars of the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm (Relativity Theory & Quantum Mechanics) seem "inconsistent" and up to 95% of all the energy and mass in the universe cannot be directly accounted for, e.g., deemed as "DarkEnergy" and "Dark-Matter"?! Indeed, the quest for a satisfactory answer for these two primary conundrums: resolving the basic RT-QM inconsistency and explaining what precisely comprises these (purely hypothetical) "Dark-Matter", "Dark-Energy" concepts are most likely the most important topics – to be resolved by any (satisfactory) 21st Century Physics' "New Paradigm"! Fortunately, such a New "Computational Unified Field Theory" (CUFT), lately termed: "G-d's Physics" Paradigm provides satisfactory answers for these two critical fundamental issues; "G-d's Physics" was shown to resolve the apparent RT-QM "theoretical inconsistency" based on the discovery of a new singular higher-ordered "Universal Computational/Consciousness Principle" (UCP) which simultaneously computes every exhaustive spatial pixel in the universe at the incredible rate of "c2/h" = 1.36-50 sec', creating an extremely rapid series of "Universal Frames" (UF's) comprising the entire physical universe at every "minimal time-point"! Specifically, this New "G-d's Physics" Paradigm explains the fundamental nature of "Dark- Matter" and "Dark-Energy" in a completely new manner – i.e., as representing the operation of the singular higher-ordered UCP's "A-Causal Computation"! Hence, instead of "Dark-Matter" and "DarkMatter" comprising actual "material" (hypothetical) elements, the New 21st Century "G-d's Physics" Paradigm explains these constructs as merely a manifestation of the singular higher-ordered UCP's accelerated addition of exhaustive spatial pixels for each consecutive UF's frame/s. Viewed in this new light, the real "cause" for the universe's accelerated expansion – is not found in any "material" or "physical" entities, but is rather contingent upon the successive simultaneous computation- "dissolution" re-computation and evolution of each exhaustive spatial pixel in the universe at the incredible rate of "c2/h" = 1.36-50 sec'!


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