Journal of Health Education Research & Development

ISSN: 2380-5439

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The Impact of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Students' General Health


Golchin Binandeh

In the field of educational psychology, many activities have been conducted with clinical trials, and its results have helped to solve many people's psychological problems at community level. To this end, we wanted to address one of the most unique student dilemmas, general health, in this project. Our goal was to find a solution to reduce this problem, and the results of school in high school showed that the amount of factor of the diseases can be controlled by a public health approach (and the data were more than 95% accurate). Studies show that if the student community is in good health, both physically and mentally, it can reduce mental illness in the test session and allow people to put their knowledge on the test questions. Public health is not guaranteed unless both human and mental health are provided. The project aims to improve the health of a complex in a high school, which can be used to control the Overall health of the community.


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