Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism

ISSN: 2165-7912

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The Effects of Web Site Sequence: Moderating Role of Personalit y Difference


Chung H

This study examines the effects of website structures in terms of advertising effectiveness – memory, attitude, cognitive thoughts. The primary research question for this study is what type of website (web ad) structure is more effective. In the pilot study, we test the difference between two different website structures – linear vs. interactive – in terms of traditional advertising effectiveness. The results were not supportive to our research expectations. However, there were the differences in terms of memory between two structures. After re-creating the website based on subjects’ comments, in the final experiment, we examine the differences among the different structures and the moderating role of personality difference on the effects of website structure. The results confirm that there were significant differences by the website structures on subjects’ attitude, memory and cognitive responses. However, some research hypotheses were not supported by the current data.


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