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The Effect of Occupational Health and Safety, Work Accidents and Skills of Construction Workers On the Quality of Life of Construction Industry Workers In Indonesia


Muhammad Ridha Akbar Martiano* and Anton Soekiman

In Indonesia, the construction and maintenance of government buildings will continue so that every construction company that works with the Indonesian government must follow the rules set by the government in the construction legislation in Indonesia so that the results to be achieved can be in accordance with what is expected. The low welfare and quality of life of construction workers makes the quality of the workforce in Indonesia also low, one of the reasons is due to the high cost of access and the lack of time and opportunities for these non-formal workers to get education and training in order to improve their skills / skills in the construction sector. Occupational safety and occupational health (K3) construction in its application in Indonesia by construction companies is still not well implemented This research was conducted to see occupational safety and health (K3) construction, work accidents and construction workers' skills have a major influence on the quality of life of workers. The method used is a literature study, data collection is in the form of a survey to construction industry workers in West Java,. Overall, this section discusses research findings that have been analyzed using descriptive statistical analysis and inferential statistical analysis. Descriptive statistical analysis that has been carried out found that workers 'perspectives on occupational health, occupational accidents, worker skills and workers' quality of life are at a high level. Meanwhile, the employee's perspective on job security is at a high enough level. Furthermore, the One-Way ANOVA analysis also shows that there is no influence of age, experience and type of construction work (structure, architecture, mechanical electricity) on the quality of life of construction workers in Indonesia. Multiple regression analysis also found that occupational accidents and occupational health have an effect on the improvement of construction workers' skills. This analysis also shows that workers' health and worker skills affect the quality of life of construction workers. Pearson's correlation analysis also found that the relationship between the variables of occupational health factors, worker skills and work accidents on the quality of life of construction workers and the strength of the relationship was weak.


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