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Targeting Amyloid ╬▓ in the Management of AlzheimerÔ??s Disease


Ephrem Ashenafi

Alzheimer`s Disease (AD) is a ruthlessly progressive neurodegenerative disease that has been growing steadily. Amyloid beta (Aβ) peptide buildup in the brain
is thought to play a crucial role in the instigation and/or advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. Revisions to the amyloid cascade hypothesis now distinguish the
delicate balance in which Aβ exists and the role played by the enzymes in the production and breakdown of Aβ in maintaining healthy Aβ levels. Several targets
have been identified and a long list of compounds has been developed to treat and/or slow the progression of the disease. However, none has reached the clinical
arena. In this review, we tried to discuss some potential targets for maintaining healthy levels of amyloid-beta.


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