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Synchronizing Artificial Intelligence tools with DNA profiling for efficacious Recruitment in Military Services


Yogesh Pal

Artificial Intelligence permeates in almost every facet of life. In today’s scenario it is making its mark in various functions of the organization. It has also found its importance in HR related activities such as talent acquisition for organizations with respect to the requirements of it using various AI tools. This is made possible due to intelligent filtering tools used upon Big Data. DNA profiling is area of future technological necessity, which generates a complete characteristic chart of a person. This when combined with other information can be of great use in Acquisition process in certain areas. Military and Defense related services have lots of medical and other physiological consideration of candidates involved. There is huge amount of tax payers’ money which is used up by the Government for checking the medical and physical traits of several candidates for the job purposes. We propose a technique which may help in analysis of physical traits of the candidates preemptively which may help to reduce the expenditure of checkups and other recruitment processes. This technique would be to synchronize the DNA profiling with Artificial Intelligence tools for to preemptively filter out the candidates with required physical considerations for the specific job area which is Military/ Defense related job acquisition process. Further experimental proof done in targeted manner is the justification for the hypothesis.


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