Hydrology: Current Research

ISSN: 2157-7587

Open Access

Sustainability of global water access and the many challenges of developing nations: An Overview


Timothy O. Ogunbode*

The remarkable success recorded at the end of Millennium Development Goals in 2015 was a laudable one and so its sustainability becomes
desirable, having hit 90% accessibility globally. Thus, the current global target through the United Nations initiated programme called Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) is on course to ensure that there is no setback in the sector. This paper reviews various challenges which may hinder
the enduring sustenance of the success realized in the water supply subsector in the developing nations. Relevant literatures were considered
and reviewed, and desk check was carried out. It was discovered that if water access in most developing nations will be sustained then attempts
should be made to attend to the myriads of socioeconomic challenges as they could render the global efforts towards water accessibility almost
a waste. Apart from this, developing countries should gear up to pursue subduing all these challenges in order to keep up with their developed
nations counterpart.


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