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Sources of Development Information among Citizens in a Rural Community: A Case Study


Alex Eloho Umuerri*

Globally, communication is widely accepted as a tool for accelerating development in urban and rural settings. In many rural areas the channels and media sources which are available to the resident indigenes for development information are not ascertained because of a number of factors which could range from inaccessibility of these areas, to lack of awareness of media and the unorganized nature of these rural areas. This paper is based on a study which investigated the existing channels of communication and media which citizens are exposed to, and the most beneficial development information to the citizens in a rural community in Nigeria. The study found that the existing interpersonal channel of communication was preferred over the media of radio which was also the next leading source of development information to citizens in the rural community. Therefore, community leaders should ensure that resident indigenes are exposed to development information in the mass media by ensuring that adequate information is given to the citizens.


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