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Social Media Utilisation among Youth


Naef Farhan AA and Varghese PA

Social media are tools of communication and collaboration through the exchange of text, images, video, live streaming and presentation. It has become the most common activity of today’s youth. Websites that allow people to communicate with others is considered as social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, telegram etc. and also video sites such as YouTube; and blogs. Currently, social media has become the gate of entertainment and communication for the youth. With the spread of dozens of social interacting applications, the way and nature of human communication has changed today compared to the past. The study found that the teenagers no longer feel loneliness as they are in touch with their friends through social media. In addition of positive utilization of social media, it bears adverse effects as well viz: social activity of youth is reduced as they rely most of the time on social media; medical conditions such as eye-sight issues and gastric conditions; a decrease in intelligence quotient etc. This paper lists the social media utilization on youth through a survey among youth in Shivamogga.


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